Personal statement for PhD in forensic science

My interest in Forensic Science was developed primarily in my undergraduate years and was strengthened during the initial stages of my Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology. While I was still working on my undergraduate degree, I became fascinated with chemistry and how the science can be used in many practical applications for a variety of industries. What captured my attention the most is how using current science and technology, specialists are able to determine details of a crime scene that can be effectively used to solve the crime.

This realization brought about by many experiences both in and out of the classroom gave me the interest to study Forensic Science.

When I entered into graduate school, I chose Molecular Biology as my major primarily because it is highly connected with the chemical and biological applications to Forensic Science. True enough, the work that I have done so far in my degree has strengthened my conviction to become a forensic scientist.

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As a student, I believe that I have the prerequisite knowledge and academic dedication to obtain a doctorate degree in a science that is a direct application of my previous educational background.

My background knowledge as evidenced in my transcripts includes extensive work on chemistry, biology, and academic research with courses that contain detailed laboratory work using procedures that are parallel with some components of those being used in Forensic Science today. Thus, I have strong proficiencies with different equipment used in the laboratory and am perfectly capable with working in a demanding laboratory setup.

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My academic records would show that I am a very diligent student who strives to achieve excellence in any academic endeavor.

Aside from this, I also have the dedication necessary in conducting rigorous research which is not only a requirement for any doctorate degree but a strong essential for a PhD in Forensic Science in particular. I am aware that Forensic Science entails much work in gathering information and processing them in order to obtain the required output and this process is very familiar to me. I have conducted various research projects in the past and have a consistent track record of being able to synthesize complex ideas into meaningful analysis that can effectively reflect current trends and developments.

In Forensic Science, my interests in particular are DNA finger printing and analysis of evidence. As early as now, I have read extensively on both areas and am determining possible relevant contributions that I can make in my dissertation on a topic related to those said interests. M readings have made me familiar with the areas and gave me insight on what are the concerns of the science at the moment that need to be adequately addressed by academic research. This demonstrates how sincere my intention is to finish a postgraduate degree in Forensic Science.

I am certain that I am adequately prepared and fully capable to take on and complete a doctorate degree in Forensic Science. I have a strong educational background with experiences that are highly related to my intended major and I have developed effective learning and research skills that are essential to completing the degree. There is no doubt that I will be able to make significant contributions in this body of science as a researcher and make use of knowledge gained in completing this degree as a forensic scientist in order to aid law enforcement in solving crimes in the interest of upholding justice and maintaining societal order.

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Personal statement for PhD in forensic science
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