Why I Want to Be a Forensic Scientist

My Journey to Be a Forensic Scienctist

I lost my grandmother, grandfather and two uncles in the space of a couple of months during my second year of university. This experience taught me a couple of things. Thriving by utilizing tragedy as a source of strength was one. This included dedicating myself to my studies and chasing after what I want, academically and socially. My interest in a science-driven career has always been compelled by my curiosity about how and why events occur.

I suppose my longstanding enjoyment of problem-solving and crime fiction novels was what triggered the fascination I have for forensic science. After many years of planning and carrying out scientific trials and investigations, my perception of the reality of a forensic scientist’s job isn’t as distorted and imprecise as it once was.

Fascination with Forensic Scientist Career

One aspect I am engrossed by is the use of DNA sequencing and genetic fingerprinting to identify suspects in criminal cases via individual markers.

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I find the various methods by which forensic analysis techniques are utilized to achieve a successful conviction remarkable. I am looking forward to gaining further knowledge in this area, in hopes of one day being part of a team working together to solve crime. A module on Pharmacology and Toxicology during my second year of university massively fuelled my interest in studying the effect of drugs and other substances on the body. The opportunity to learn about substance misuse, the extent to which drugs and poisons may contribute to impairment or death and how they are detected and quantified really excites me.

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I was committed to gaining relevant experience from a young age. During my time at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals, I sampled my career options through each department I visited and figure out where I wanted to fit in. Working as a Medic Interpreter allowed me to venture into departments like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and IVF Clinics. Sufficed to say this role required immense accountability. I earned a valuable insight into what it is like to be a patient, their worries, concerns and became aware of cultural sensitivities where they exist. I gained essential practical clinical experience motivating me further in becoming a future member of the medical profession, whilst strengthening my critical thinking and communication skills. Being accurate, truthful and upholding ethical principles were vital elements for this job and essential qualities of a forensic scientist.

Gaining Experience in the Forensic Science

I was the president of an Islamic society, and an active member of countless others like Debating Society, Multifaith Society, Refugee Action Society and First Aid and St. John's Ambulance Society. I have organized numerous stalls raising money for charities and food banks, and a visit to the Calais Jungle in 2016 to distribute provisions to the innumerable refugees forced out of their homes. I developed personal resilience, initiative and became adept at thinking on my feet while improving my leadership, teamwork, and public speaking capabilities.

I acquired additional transferable skills required by forensic scientists through my Biomedical Research Project. My thesis involved constructing a hypothesis to explain a trend and designing several experiments to test my hypothesis and determine its accuracy. Creativity and mental agility were crucial, especially when recognizing and making use of unforeseen factors when they interfered with the investigation. I perfected my time management, observational and analytical skills and to not only work individually but within a group in laboratory settings.

Overcoming Challenges to Pursue Forensic Science

A diagnosis of sciatica during my final year obligating me to study for many months under the influence of narcotic and antidepressant medication was the biggest test of my perseverance and motivation. Despite the pain, I worked towards my goals to the best of my abilities at the time. When I think of the next goal I would like to pursue, I can think of nothing better suited to my curious nature and knack for solving complex problems other than the field of forensic science.

I would be proud to learn about the interrelated disciplines of forensic medicine and science at QMUL, one of the very few universities in the country with an academic center of forensic medicine. I find this domain rewarding, challenging and filled with intellectual variety, and I am extremely determined to make the most of this course. I hope I can be given the opportunity to reach my full potential after being knocked down in many more ways than one and achieve my ambition of being able to work as a forensic toxicologist.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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