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Human papillomavirus and Vaccination: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Perception of Future registered Nurses
Words • 1866
Pages • 8
Acquiring knowledge and necessary skills to teach the community about health-related behavior, screening, and early detection methods as well as preventive measures. Is the responsibility of nurses for a dominant role in cancer prevention. The majority of the respondents in this study knew of HPV is the sexual transmission, as the main cause of cervical cancer; this determination is consistent with results that are obtained by Ursa et al in his written report which was conducted among nurses in Tanzania…...
The Future of Mechanical Engineering
Words • 1056
Pages • 5
The persistent advances in the field of Mechanical Engineering have opened growth opportunities in new dimensions. I want to be a part of this innovative field, which is evolving for the better tomorrow. One will need to have an in-depth practical, theoretical, and scientific understanding to rise in the extensive workshop of the future. To do this, I have to equip myself with knowledge, which a graduate program can fulfill. I envision your university as the right path to pursue…...
EngineeringFutureMechanical EngineeringScience And TechnologyTechnology
Corporal Punishment: A Better Future for Our Children
Words • 1297
Pages • 6
The stigma around corporal punishment is simply untrue and misunderstood. Do you really want your child growing up not knowing the true meaning of discipline or what is right and what is wrong? The most important issue that corporal punishment has is the ability to solve would be extremely bad behaviour and children who take their deserved rights to the next level do so just to benefit them. The main aim with the reintroduction of this punishment is to provide…...
ChildChildrenClassroomCorporal PunishmentFear of punishment enforces disciplineFuture
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Concerns About The Future Of People’s Well-Being And Digital Life
Words • 572
Pages • 3
With technology becoming more advanced and the use of social media, becoming more popular, it has its pros and cons. Digital technology has altered nearly every aspect of modern life. Travel, work, shopping, entertainment, and communication are just some of the areas that have been transformed in recent decades. It's very rare, to find an electronic device or piece of machinery that doesn't incorporate digital technology in some way. Cellphones had very humble beginnings. From using rotary telephones, getting a…...
FutureMobile PhonePeopleSocial MediaTechnologyText Messaging
The Purpose of Education – Build the Foundation of Our Future
Words • 600
Pages • 3
Children need to be challenged to think critically, build character, and be a productive member of society Children learn best when they have clear expectations, cooperative learning experiences, family involvement, hands-on experiences, and are provided with a safe classroom environment. The curriculum of any classroom should include certain “basics” that contribute to students overall development. What teachers teach in school should go beyond the classroom. The official curriculum consisting of mathematics, reading, writing, science, social studies and the hidden curriculum…...
The Future of Electrical Engineering
Words • 704
Pages • 3
Electrical engineering is a part of the engineering that deals with the technology of electricity, components, devices, and systems. Electrical Engineering is a broad course because all the electric components used in that field also have smaller branches that talk about them deeply. In the past, it was a hard field because there was a scarcity of resources to improve on electronics devices. Electrical Engineering today is taking the lead because the society is taking benefit from it through devices…...
ElectricityElectronicsEngineeringFutureScience And TechnologyTechnology
The Future Organization
Words • 269
Pages • 2
The escalated pace of change over the past ten years has been breathtaking .Competition has heated up across the board. To achieve prosperity, the future organization must deliver clients better, establish new advantages and survive in hardly challenged markets. To remain competitive, firms must do away with work and processes that boosts the outcome which invalidated the basic assumptions of sustainable markets. There are few companies that have escaped this shift in competitiveness. Entry barriers, which once applied a sustained…...
Future world
Words • 823
Pages • 4
Future world fairs must focus on green technology which can help conserve the natural environment. They can also negate the impact of industrialization. They should focus on recycling, water purification, remediation and renewable energy sources. The environment is a major issue for all world nations. They can be highlighted in future world fairs (Schell, 1982). Alternate energy sources like solar energy and wind energy can create fewer problems than fossil fuels. They are much cleaner and do not damage the…...
British appeasement: origins, results, and future alternatives
Words • 1854
Pages • 8
  Neville Chamberlain, one of the greatest advocates of appeasement also wanted to, "construct an air force powerful enough to moderate Hitler's aims, stop him from launching an attack against the United Kingdom, and spare the cost of expanding the Army for operations on the continent. "14 Even though appeasement was the current policy in practice in Britain many of its leaders saw the need for a real answer to the problem developing as Germany strengthened and gained ground. Germany…...
How does work experience benefit your future career?
Words • 1492
Pages • 6
What evidence is there to suggest that work experience is beneficial to your future career? In today’s world, having a university degree is not a guarantee for obtaining a university-level job to graduates anymore. An increased number of young people go to universities and the resulting elevated competition makes the students want to differentiate themselves from the crowd (Ascough, cited in White 2011). One way, which enables student’s CV to stand out, is by having work experience. This term is…...
CareerExperienceFutureJob ApplicationResearchWork Experience
The Renewable Energy Future Of Solar Power Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 3711
Pages • 15
Due to the predicted deficit of fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy beginnings, research is now looking at options. These options are known as renewable energy. Renewable energy efficaciously uses natural resources such as sunshine, air current, rain, tides and geothermic heat, which can be of course replenished. If the usage of renewable energy is n't explored for future usage, we may be populating without contraptions we take for granted today. For illustration, conceive of a winter without a warmer…...
ElectricityEnergyEnergy And EnvironmentPowerRenewable EnergyScience Our Future
The Relevance of Military History to the Teaching
Words • 1471
Pages • 6
THE RELEVANCE OF MILITARY HISTORY TO THE TEACHING OF MODERN WARFARE By Captain David B Snodgrass, US Army (Published with the permission of Defence Services Command and Staff College, Mirpur (Dhaka) Bangladesh) Throughout history, modernists have questioned the relevance of military history. With the rapid evolution of technological change in the post-industrial era and the emergence of new missions for military professionals, the question of relevance is more salient than ever.This study examines the argument that technology and the New…...
The Future of HR Management
Words • 48
Pages • 1
The Future of HR Management (Name)             Managing human resources is perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the workplace. Overseeing the hiring of new employees, updating personnel files, and others demands a lot from the manager and personnel. However, human resources management extends beyond these duties. (more…)...
BusinessFutureManagementOrganizational Behavior
Technology of the Future
Words • 497
Pages • 2
Running head: TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE Technology of the Future Ashley Carte Axia College University of Phoenix Technology of the Future Computer technology as we know it has significantly increased over the years compared to what was ever thought possible. With more power, and the ability to process information faster computer technology has changed present existence, and future possibilities. One such device available today is the Apple Iphone, introduced in January of 2007 by Steve Jobs at a Macworld conference.This…...
South Korea’s Apparel Industry in the Future Should Focus on Globalization
Words • 672
Pages • 3
South Korea's apparel industry to come out from the low tide, globalization vision, come up with a concrete and realistic strategic plan, more than ever a more urgent time. Into the 21st century, the globalization of the Korean apparel industry has not only requested to stay at the prospect level, but rather to the realities of real approximation of the industry demands. Even in this case may be, the industry has no significant changes occur, it is now an undeniable…...
A piece of original writing regarding ‘the future’
Words • 1641
Pages • 7
The rain was hammering the gravel surface, the lightening struck and the sky exploded into a ball of fire, the thunder replied and the Earth roared as the ground shook. In a night like this blood is spilt. ********** In the distance was an incongruous figure lurking behind the black, burnt tree situated on the side of a motionless road. A tall, slim and wealthy lady came quickly running and she caught the swift movement in front of her. She…...
Kinder Transport
Words • 1233
Pages • 5
On March 01, our A-level drama group performed in front of an examiner with this astonishing play, 'Kinder Transport' written by Diane Samuels. Set in a completely different time where Germany was at the peak of declaring its huge Nazi presence officially, a little Jewish girl is preparing to be sent to England by her parents. The play consisted of five fixed female roles and one male cameo role. Kinder Transport was initially written to show the connection between past,…...
ActorFutureNazi GermanyTransport
How Important Is a Sense of History in Shaping the Future of Singapore’s Society?
Words • 1549
Pages • 7
How important is a sense of history in shaping the future of Singapore's society? Singapore is without a doubt, a diversified nation with many different cultures and races. Contrary to the popular belief of difference leading to antagonism, Singapore is perhaps one of the few countries globally to welcome people despite their variable backgrounds and still remain collectively competitive. Indeed, credit is due to Singapore's society past or present, had been seen to be shaped with a strong sense of…...
Ghost of the Future
Words • 1124
Pages • 5
I was surprised to witness Scrooge's first signs of repentance and guilt, which are shown almost immediately after recalling his childhood fantasy. As Scrooge dries his eyes with his cuff the spirit asks him what is troubling him, to which Scrooge replies "There was a boy singing a Christmas Carol at my door last night. I should like to have given him something that's all". Further on in the book whilst the ghost of Christmas Present is visiting Scrooge they…...
A Christmas CarolFutureGhostSpirit
In the future university education would be free?
Words • 783
Pages • 4
In the future; university education would be free? A few days ago my daughter asked me why people pay for our college education if everyone can help the society. Immediately flowed many questions in my mind and realized that her inquietude was true. Education is the key to success. At different stages of my life I have heard this phrase. I always wanted to finish a college career and society demands it, but I never imagined how costly it is…...
Free College EducationFree Education For AllFutureUniversityUniversity Education
Future of E-Commerce
Words • 456
Pages • 2
E-commerce is another name for electronic commerce. It presents what a lot of people consider to be an effectual property of the World Wide Web (WWW). The property of the web is the capability to change sites according to the diverse needs, wishes, requests and, even characters of each unique purchaser. The mounting competition globally, growing demands of customers and the fast pace of transformation in technology are compelling businesses to assess the system of doing business, what types of…...
E CommerceFutureInternetMarketing
Future of Human Resources
Words • 1872
Pages • 8
Human resources is one of the most evolved departments within a business over the past century. Human resources as a department wasn’t even thought of prior to the last few decades. The idea of human capital at that time was immature where employee interests and focus wasn’t completely developed. Human resources departments were developed when businesses noticed a growing trend of increased employee sizes and tasks organization. Chief Executive Officers would either handle the human resources tasks themselves or appoint…...
BusinessFutureHuman Resource ManagementTechnology
Equity Futures
Words • 632
Pages • 3
Companies face different kinds of risks which results in decreased profitability e. g. due unforeseen changes in costs, taxes, demand, selling price, interest rates etc. Therefore companies are forced to come up with ways of reducing these risks. Some of these ways include entering into financial contracts that use derivatives to hedge against risk (Pandey, 2005). Derivatives are items that do not have independent values rather they have derived values. They are basically financial instruments that profits from an underlying…...
Does Boxing have a future?
Words • 5576
Pages • 23
The catastrophic brain injury suffered by British boxer Paul Ingle in September 2000 was the latest high profile case to highlight the dangers of his sport; boxing. Boxing has a long and proud tradition and history in Britain and the world over. But the future of boxing has once again been thrown open to debate as a result of his fight, which has fuelled the fires of opposition. Over the decades (as well as throughout history), boxing has suffered several…...
My Future Career as Radiologist
Words • 561
Pages • 3
My name is Helen Thompson. I developed a keen fascination and interest in the skeletal structure of the human body in high school. I knew that I should have pursued a degree in radiology when I entered college but certain events conspired to prevent me from pursuing that dream. I wanted to take up Radiology even then because of my intense interest in discovering how the interconnected skeletal and muscular structure is defined in a living human specimen. I knew…...
CareerCareer AspirationsMy FuturePharmacyRadiology
Future Society in Rand’s Novel Anthem
Words • 594
Pages • 3
A review of Rand's science fiction novel, "Anthem" focusing on a futuristic primitive society Anthem Anthem, a science fiction novel, deals with a future primitive society in which the forbidden word "I", which is punishable, has been replaced by "We". Anthem's theme seems to be about the meaning and glory of man's ego. In this novel, Rand shows that the individualism needed for building a complex technological civilization has been suppressed by collectivism. Rand glorifies man's individual ability to think,…...
Analysing Barack Obama’s Election Victory Speech
Words • 939
Pages • 4
Barack Obama is a very successful speaker, and uses a variety of methods to captivate the audience and make his message clear to everyone. From the introduction of the speech we can clearly see that the tone of the speech is inspirational. The speech is about change and reaching towards unity and a better future for America. As we can see from his opening sentence (“This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations”), we…...
Barack ObamaBody LanguageFuture
My Dreams For The Future
Words • 255
Pages • 2
My name is Soufiane. I even have tons of dreams for the future. Once I was a child my dream is to be a pilot, and other dreams, sometimes, I would like to be a singer, an entrepreneur, But now I even have grown up, now I do know what I would like to be. Now, I almost finish my studies at university. I would like to be the staff manager or manager a minimum of. I prefer commercial work…...
DreamFutureMy Dreams For The FutureWorld Wide Web
Nanotechnology Future of ScienceWith the beginning of the
Words • 1560
Pages • 7
Nanotechnology: Future of ScienceWith the beginning of the Industrial age, advancements in the field of innovation took a giant leap. Nanotechnology was among the couple of technology that came into notice in the late twentieth century. This innovation has made significant progress from its initial utilize yet at the same time has part of potential for further execution in different parts of everyday life. It has various household utilizes as well. Nanotechnology works at a little size and this gives…...
Science And TechnologyScience Our Future
for climate stable future
Words • 640
Pages • 3
It is commonly known by the majority of us that climatory change is not getting attention of the most of governments. Governments were ignoring the term climate change till the early 1990s. When we came to the mid 90s, couple of climate summits were already held and some countries started taking inadequate minor measures. However some countries considered that the fight with climate change involved in internal affairs of a country and refused to act on it as long as…...
ClimateClimate ChangeFuturePolicy
Future Scope for ResearchBlockchain being an emerging technology is
Words • 486
Pages • 2
Future Scope for ResearchBlockchain, being an emerging technology, is in a constant state of evolution. It has started gaining hold on various areas of automotive sector due to its ease in adaptability. This has opened up avenues for further research thereby deeply exploring its pros and cons to develop several use cases and ensure full utilization.Resource ManagementWith increasing peer networks, every blockchain architecture will need to develop multiple PKs that will ensure seamless communication between individual vehicles as well as…...
Cloud ComputingFutureResearchScience And TechnologyTechnology
With the development of media online there is no future for the
Words • 627
Pages • 3
With the development of media online, there is no future for the radio. To what extend do you agree or disagree?Write a complete essay of at least 300 words.A decade ago, my weekends were all about flicking through 100 pages of a magazine to figure out which radio station my favorite band would be on and adjusting the frequency crazily, just to listen to some music. The current digital era with such drastic development of media online has led people…...
DevelopmentFutureMediaMusicWorld Wide Web
My past experiences and future aspiration
Words • 1591
Pages • 7
In this assignment, I will discuss the relationship between my past experiences and future aspirations and how these relate to my future study whilst considering key areas and theories relating to teaching and learning. I followed BERA 2018 This includes anonymising names and respecting any participants in the observation. Adhering to Articles 3 and 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC, 1989). 1. Developing myself I grew up in a loving home where politeness,…...
Future of E-Commerce in India
Words • 1811
Pages • 8
India is developing rapidly and if progression is to be assessed, in what capacity may we neglect the activity of online business in it. The web customer base in India may at present be a minor 100 million which is significantly less when diverged from its passageway in the US or UK anyway it's no ifs, ands or buts stretching out at an irritating rate. The amount of new members in this circle is elevating step by step and with…...
FutureIndiaIndia Past Present And Future
Words • 634
Pages • 3
Introduction As the trend is changing and becoming more client-oriented, the construction industry is also facing many ongoing challenges, like: Greater performance expectation Increased competition Restructuring of work practices Need of information and communication technologies A construction project requires various involvements and sharing updated information amongst them, often leads to errors and delays. However, development of technologies, internet and ICT have provided solutions like e-commerce which provides information and workflow control, process management, as well as improved communication. Description and…...
BusinessE CommerceFutureTechnology
The Future of Children in China
Words • 739
Pages • 3
In today's day and age, we know that the youth will be the future. This is why children's safety is of utmost priority to all countries around the world. All want that which is best for their youth. However, progress has been slow. The FBI has stated that 2 of 3 sexual abuses are perpetrated against teenagers and children. All countries want the wellbeing of all their residents. China's stance on things like these has been three-fold. The Main Challenges…...
The Future of Art Education
Words • 1873
Pages • 8
Introduction "An Arts education helps build academic that help them with their school subjects, skills and increase academic performance, while also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently." Art classes in school are beneficial for students. They are as education and fun for the students. As they allow the students to use their imagination and in the same time improve their skills. For decades, teachers have proclaimed that arts schooling is important. However, with the…...
CRSIPR: A Key to A Better Future
Words • 1705
Pages • 7
One image can change one's real-world perception, especially in science. From photographs of movement to microscopic images of atomic molecules, images are often used to spark public interest in science and engineering. For instance, the first X-ray taken by Wilhelm Conrad R?ntgen in 1895 would eventually transform medical science, allowing doctors to examine their patients' bodies without dissection. This scientific image not just change the course of science, but also how people view themselves in the world. With the recent…...
Whatever made you successful in the past won’t in the future Lew
Words • 954
Pages • 4
Whatever made you successful in the past won't in the future."- Lew Platt, CEO Hewlett Packard.And I strongly believe that the future is in "Nanotechnology". The electronic world is teeming with thousands of new devices coupled with an ever-increasing challenge of making these as small and compact as possible. Miniaturization is the call of the day. Nanotechnology plays a key role in this revolution. The challenges of developing new and better materials in conjunction with devising novel applications to meet…...
I am ready for the future
Words • 514
Pages • 3
Now I am standing on the stage, enjoying the warm yellow light shining on me. I can see the clapping hands of the audiences. From my professor's eyes, I can feel her proud of me. I will never forget about the moment, about the speech I made. I'm an imaginative person, but I had never imagined being a speaker. My mind is always filled with colorful ideas and thoughts. But once I opened my mouth, they became so pale. When…...
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How does work experience benefit your future career?
...Gualt, J. et. al. 2000. Undergraduate business internships and career success: Are they related? Journal of Marketing Education. 22 (1), pp. 45 – 53. [Online]. [Accessed 4 October 2013]. Available from: http://0-search. proquest. com. wam. leeds. a...
How Important Is a Sense of History in Shaping the Future of Singapore’s Society?
...It may be true that Singapore may not be able to improve for the betterment of its future, but it can still have the values consolidated from its history, and ascribe to that to its next nation's aim. In conclusion, having a sense of history ultimate...

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