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My Dreams For The Future

My name is Soufiane. I even have tons of dreams for the future. Once I was a child my dream is to be a pilot, and other dreams, sometimes, I would like to be a singer, an entrepreneur, But now I even have grown up, now I do know what I would like to be. Now, I almost finish my studies at university. I would like to be the staff manager or manager a minimum of.

I prefer commercial work because it gives me the challenge to figure over there plus they’re going to pay me more.

All of this is often just the start of my dreams. After I work for 4 or 5 years, I will be able to have tons of cash by that point, I will be able to quit my job and begin a business. I will be able to buy 3 or 4 shops. By that way, I will be able to make extra money.

After I run my business, I’m getting to marry a gorgeous woman.

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I will be able to start to form a family and planned to possess 2 children which are a boy and a girl. I will be able to sleep in an enormous house which having a garden outside or even a pool so my children can play inside my yard because, if my children play outside, it’ll be a touch risky, I feel that’s all I can say about my dreams. It’s just an easy dream for an easy man like me.

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