My Future Career as Radiologist

My name is Helen Thompson. I developed a keen fascination and interest in the skeletal structure of the human body in high school. I knew that I should have pursued a degree in radiology when I entered college but certain events conspired to prevent me from pursuing that dream. I wanted to take up Radiology even then because of my intense interest in discovering how the interconnected skeletal and muscular structure is defined in a living human specimen.

I knew that the whole system could be captured on film if I were a radiologist.

But, like I said, I ended up graduating with a degree in Pharmacy instead. A degree that although also a part of the Health Care Sciences, was not really the fulfillment of my lifelong ambition. For the past 10 years, I have been working as a Certified Senior Pharmacy Technician at Walgreen’s Pharmacy. My current job has given me the ability and experience that allows me to work with all social classes and races.

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My experience working as a Pharmacist has also given additional knowledge and understanding of various medical terms as used by doctors that I know will come in handy in my Radiology class lectures, discussions, exams, and assignments. It has given me the confidence to be able to hold my own in a medical based conversation and educated me as to the limitations of the effectiveness of medications and its effect on the human body. Recently, I found myself asking myself “What if I became a Radiologist?” and decided that I cannot live my life with that unanswered question.

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This is why I chose to chase after my almost forgotten dream. I convinced myself that it isn’t too late to see my dream come true. After all, I already have the pre-requisite courses tucked under my belt. My foundation in the subjects of Bio 121, Bio 226, Health Science 102, which are all Radiology related courses are where I excelled at in college. I received an A in Bio 121 because of the excellent work I turned in for my lessons in Replication of DNA, Chromosome Structure, Meiosis I and II.

I also took Bio 226, a class where I had to work with cadavers. While I was taking this class, my thoughts revisited my fascination with seeing the human skeletal system in its pristine, untouched framework. I remembered my dream of becoming a radiologist but decided it was not yet the right time for me to pursue that avenue. I took this foundation a step further. I am currently attending classes in Bio 227, another Radiology related class where the lessons concentrate on the Reproductive and cardiovascular system. .

The reason I chose to seek admission at Malcolm X College is because, just like its heroic namesake, I believe it will give me a great opportunity to learn about my roots and help me make my dreams come true. Just like the cause that Malcolm X fought for throughout his life, I too have been struggling for my cause in order to make my dream come true. If I am given admission to this historic college, it will be a signal that nothing can stop me from achieving my goal. My seat will have been reserved and all that will be left for me to do is to take my place as one of the best Radiology Technicians in the world.

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My Future Career as Radiologist

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