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My Future Career

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My two career choices are Music Producer and Child Psychologist. This report is a brief explanation of both careers with information gained from online resources and job postings. The main points covered include career descriptions, preparation, and employment opportunities.

Nature of work

Music Producer

A music producer writes, arranges, produces and records songs for other artists or themselves. They may produce works for albums, films, adverts, etc.

Child Psychologist

A child psychologist works with children and teenagers who have severe mental illnesses, developmental issues and learning disabilities.

They help children deal with trauma, death or divorce.

Work Conditions

Music Producer

They work with artists, venues and marketing specialists. The work environment tends to be very stressful due to time demands.

Child Psychologist

Child psychologists need to love working with children as they will constantly be working with them. They work in a variety of settings to identify potential needs and to diagnose, prevent, and treat these issues.

Identified Possible Employment Opportunities

Music Producer

There are possible employment opportunities at recording companies, TV channels and radio stations.

Employment may also be found with community film or video projects, theatre companies and digital channels.

Child Psychologist

A child psychologist works in outpatient centers, government agencies, schools, or hospitals. Some have their own private practices.


Music Producer

A music producer earns an average of R416,000 per year.

Child Psychologist

An average child psychologist earns approximately R144 000 per year.

Preparation Skills Needed

Music Producer

Many universities offer Music Production and other music degrees as a subject.

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There are also several online courses for music production. It is also possible to get into the industry through apprenticeships.

A Bachelor’s degree in Music Production may take 2-4 years. The cost of the course may be between R100 000 and R450 000 per year.

For admission to some programs, students must play an instrument and might need to audition. A high school diploma or equivalent is often required.

Fortunately, many institutions offer financial aid. Berklee College of Music in Spain ranked as the best music school in the world awards more than $47 million in scholarships and grants. The New England Conservatory of Music in the USA – the second-best music school– provides scholarships for 90% of their students.

Child Psychologist

A PhD in clinical psychology and a one year internship are necessary before receiving a doctoral degree, followed by another year of practicing under supervision to get a license.

Mathematics and Biology are prerequisites for admission for a degree in psychology. Tuition costs at top schools vary from R100 000 to R610 000 annually.

Many institutions offer financial aid. Harvard University ranked as the best school for psychology studies promise to every student that your financial circumstances will not keep you from Harvard. Stanford University– the second-best – also offers need-based financial aid.


Needless to say, the path to either career will not be easy. However, it is quite encouraging to realize that universities have realized this and have, as a result, endeavored to reduce the financial burden of students.


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