Waiting For The Future

I have never wanted anything but to leave this country. I stay because I hope that things will get better, that our Presidents will do their jobs well, that we’ll move past blaming old white men for everything, that we can sing the national anthem without laughing. I stay, waiting for a future that may never come. From where I stand, the United States is a huge mass of conflicting ideas and cultures, melting into one another. As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

America is now the most divided it has ever been. As soon as we make a decision, express an opinion, someone on social media fires the gun of political correctness and kills it.

We throw labels like sexist, racist, or bigot around without understanding their impact. Just the suggestion someone of being any of these things-even without proof- can be enough to irrevocably damage their life. I’m not sure most people understand what words like racist or sexist actually mean, especially when they base it on comments taken out of context, a badly phrased joke, or an image taken the wrong way.

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Do we really understand how serious these labels are? My point is that people have taken this concept way too far, especially here in America. The original purpose of political correctness was good.

It was intended to get people to take into consideration other people’s feelings about race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. in discussions. But, this has been lost.

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In reality, it just means that we all avoid talking about these subjects, which makes it hard for us to be comfortable with people who are different than us. You can’t understand something if you can’t ever ask questions. This is a problem even larger than the original issue. Right now, everyone is so afraid of offending someone, that we all tiptoe around having to discuss issues like race or religion. We can’t work and live with people who are different from us if we never acknowledge our differences.

How are we supposed to build trust with people of different races or cultures if we can’t share anything of substance with them? If we can’t talk about questions we have, without being afraid that we will offend people, than how can we ever rectify our ignorance? We are heading towards a future where a lack of communication has destroyed any sense of community we had. If we are constantly censoring any conversation about diversity issues, we strengthen the very barriers we are trying to overcome.

At the end of the day, we are playing a game of chicken, where the stakes keep getting higher and higher, and everyone just keeps digging in, refusing to lose. We are all competing to see who can be the most liberal, the most “woke”. We are so concerned with always giving everyone a voice, that we can’t hear anyone. There are no winners in this game. There is no perfect solution where everyone is equal and always represented. But, it doesn’t matter that we all know this. Nobody wants to be the person asking about the practicality of this utopia, lest they be called “racist” or “bigoted”. We’re all players in a game where the rules change everyday, the mob is always right, and there is no referee. May the best of humanity win.

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