My Motivation to Pursue a Fellowship in Cardiology

I believe what I am today were reflections of my childhood. It was in the summer of 2006 when I decided to become a Doctor to help the people in need as I witnessed a young volunteer put his heart out to help an old lady out in the Lord’s Presence. The thought of taking care of someone else moved me, caring for other’s health felt fulfilling. Since then let it be the tough decisions I had to take or competitive Entrance exam I had to clear in the top 3% to get into a Medical school or the number of holidays I had to miss later to work towards my goal all seemed effortless.

Once in my Medical school which catered to all minorities in my country, gave me a perfect opportunity to observe a whole lot of diverse clinical cases and also laid a strong foundation to my basic and clinical sciences. That is when my endless craving for knowledge started and even as a student in my clinical years I enjoyed the challenges in the universe of Medicine.

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No other aspect of my life excited me as much as the world of diseases did. I enjoyed speaking to my patients on a personal note and found out that the time spent to be valuable at arriving at the right diagnosis even before a wide range of investigations were performed. I still remember the time I experienced death for the very first time on my first day as an Intern in the ER.

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He was just a 15-year old boy brought in after an electrical injury, we did everything we could but couldn’t save the kid. Not a great way to start my Internship but I learned the importance of life and how to deal with difficult situations and provide preeminent patient care.

After working in other specialities, I realized that Internal Medicine was my true calling as I was drawn to the vastness of the field. It was during my Internal Medicine rotation, I found myself fascinated by detective reasoning and applying physiology and pathophysiology to arrive at a diagnosis. Nothing captivated me more than finding out why few patients with the same diseases have different complaints to present with, react differently to medication and end up with different outcomes. Since then I have been actively involved in ward duties, routine diagnostic procedures to gain a lot of hands-on experience.

I spent all my free hours in the wards, educating patients about their diseases, helping the nurses out monitoring patients and gaining as much experience as I can. After working in different cultural backgrounds as a Physician and seeing hundreds of patients, I have come to realize that many patients do not have a proper understanding of their diseases, complications or the importance of medication compliance. I have learnt that It is the physician's responsibility to educate the patients, give them the options and help them figure out the right choices for a better life. The most rewarding part of my job has always been the time when a patient is relieved of his/her pain and thanks me for the service I have delivered with a smile. My desire to improve the quality of care and become the best Physician attracted me to the States, which can offer me an opportunity to understand the various factors that affect a patient’s overall health and treat people with a unique set of conditions in a diverse patient population. The evidence-based medicine and the patient-centered approach being practiced in the States impressed me more than anything.

USMLE examinations and my few months of clinical experience in the United States provided me with a great perspective on taking a complete history, performing a physical examination, coming to a diagnosis, and managing a case. During my externship, the residents I worked with found me capable of handling their work in their absence and sometimes even allowed me to present their cases. Even though my below average Step 2 score was a shocker I pulled myself up and gave my CS exam quite well and I’m pretty sure that I will ace my Step 3 exam in a few weeks and prove to everyone that I’m much more than that. I'm also very much looking forward to working in a research team after my Step 3 exam in October and I hope it will add to my experience in this country.

I‘m sure I will deliver to my residency program my distinct earnestness, knowledge and unflinching hard work because of the passion I have for the field. Given my rich background clinical experience and interests, I see myself pursuing a fellowship in Cardiology in the near future and contributing to the field medicine through my volunteer work, services to the patients and the students under me through my teachings. America with the advanced research and technology in the Health sector is the place where I see my dreams coming true.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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