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The Escape – Creative Writing
Words • 2900
Pages • 12
1943: the world is at war for the second time. Thousands of people are killed each day and Germany is slowly being beaten by the British and American troops. In a routine fly over an American Corsair crash lands in the heart of German territory. The Pilot survives but now has the daunting task of returning home alive without being captured by the enemy. Diary extract April 4th 1943 (17:30h): Today has been the worst day of my war so…...
Psychology and Career
Words • 2320
Pages • 10
PART A: Comparing theoretical Perspectives: Biological perspective In the beginning, I think Lee needs to think more practical and think more certainly about her career and think along the pros and cons compared to why she should choose the career of airline pilot because it is an exciting and dangerous career, you will have plenty of new experiences and everyday scenario that would be different while it becomes a memory for Lee to share with others while she grows in…...
CareerChoosing a careerLaughterPilotPsychology
Artificial Intelligence Technology
Words • 1511
Pages • 7
Alpha, the Pilot The year of 2016 ushered in an interesting development in the field of Artificial Intelligence when Alpha, the Artificial Intelligence power computer pilot was pitted against a human pilot in simulated scenarios at the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) in USA. Alpha, the Artificial Intelligence induced pilot, was created using a Genetic Fuzzy Tree (GFT) system, which involves breeding' of several algorithms to enable self-learning amongst the systems. Instructions on engagement using weapons were taught using linguistic…...
Artificial IntelligencePilotTechnology
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Aim of My Life
Words • 635
Pages • 3
There is a saying, “Those who aim high, reach high”. It is indeed true. Without a clear-cut aim in life, life just drifts. It just floats-aimless, rudderless and not knowing where one is heading to. If we look into the lives of great men and women of our times, we see that they had clear- cut aims and well demarcated goals in life. Having clear-cut goals in life is the first step to success, because “Where there is a will,…...
True Story of Frank Abagnale
Words • 2049
Pages • 9
Theory q 325 Karla Pope Catch Me if You Can Catch Me if You Can is a movie based off the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr, who mpersonated a Pan Am Air pilot, a pediatric doctor, and a lawyer, and accumulated over 2. 8 million dollars through these impersonations as well as check fraud all betore his nineteenth birthday. The movie starts ott as a game snow where the contestants question three men all dressed as airline pilots, one…...
CatCatch Me If You CanPilot
cub pilot on the mississippi// twain
Words • 334
Pages • 2
how long was twains apprenticeship? two and a half years what kind of apprenticeship does twain serve? a steamboat apprenticeship how does brown cause conflict between him and twain? by setting twain up in situations to fail who does Twain try to defend when he hits Brown? he tries to defend his little brother, henry what does brown try to hit henry with? a 10 lb sack of coal why did the captain come to the pilot house? Because brown…...
Pilot Fatigue and its role in Aviation Safety
Words • 2136
Pages • 9
ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to observe the growing concern of pilot fatigue and the role it plays in aviation safety. A brief assessment of the effects and possible solution to this problem will be carried out. A mention of some of the incidents from the past will also find its place in this paper. Introduction                    Aviation industry is on a growing spree and in the times to come there are going to be more and more…...
Kamikaze, Japan’s Suicide Gods
Words • 1376
Pages • 6
Kamikaze is a Japanese word meaning “divine wind”. ‘Kami’ means ‘divine’ and ‘kaze’ ‘wind’. Kamikaze owes its origins to the 1274 and 1281 typhoons which wrought havoc on invasion forces from Mongolia. A Japanese World War II pilot specially trained to destroy an enemy ship by crashing on it was referred to as kamikaze. The plane to be used for such an attack, usually laden with explosives also bore the same name. Special air suicide attack units were given this…...
Japan CountryPilotSuicide
Wright Brothers First Flight
Words • 359
Pages • 2
On December 17, 1903, Orville Wright piloted the first powered airplane 20 feet above a wind-swept beach in North Carolina. The flight lasted 12 seconds and covered 120 feet. This event would change modern transportation forever. The 1903 Wright Flyer made four flights at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on December 17, 1903, the best covering 852 feet in 59 seconds. It was the first heavier-than-air, powered aircraft to make a sustained, controlled flight with a pilot aboard. The Wrights used…...
AirplanePilotWright Brothers
Annotated Notes Quiz
Words • 579
Pages • 3
Question 1 (Worth 10 points) Is the pilot in “The Cold Equations” a “good” person or a “bad” person? What examples from the story make you think this? Explain your answer in three to five sentences. Essay Submission If the girl had stayed, they both would have died and along with those he was going to deliver supplies to. Sacrificing one life to save many would be a good action, to me so I think hes a good pilot. Points…...
Technology Has Made The World A Smaller Place
Words • 751
Pages • 4
There is many ways that technology has made the world a smaller place and I plan on explaining a few of the ways that it has but there is just entirely way to many way that it has changed to talk about in just one essay. A few examples is the internet, social media, and the way we travel around the world. The first thing I am going to talking about is how the Internet has made the world smaller.…...
InternetPilotSocial MediaTechnologyWorld
Augustine of Hippo and The Moral Thing
Words • 668
Pages • 3
A newspaper columnist signs a contract with a newspaper chain. Several months later she is offered a position with another newspaper chain at a higher salary. Because she would prefer making more money, she notifies the first chain that she is breaking her contract. The courts will decide the legality of her action. But what of the morality? Did the columnist behave ethically? The newspaper columnist in this problem is concerned, like most anybody, with making the best living that…...
The USA Arming Pilots
Words • 700
Pages • 3
After the September 11th attacks on America’s homeland, citizens became aware that action must be taken to protect passengers and pilots from terrorists. Although strict security measures have been put in place at all American airports, the only way to be certain that another terrorist attack does not occur using commercial aircraft lies in arming pilots with handguns. Not only will arming pilots help act as a preventative measure, it will ensure safer air travel and restore faith in America’s…...
Input Output Devices in Aviation
Words • 531
Pages • 3
Abstract Computer technologies recognized in the video presented were as follows. LCD screens for flights, operations program used for air traffic controllers, in flight routing and revision of flight plans thru the restructure of airspaces in European airports. By using these technologies, the benefits derived from these programs are, smoother flight plans, safer takeoffs and landings, less runway collisions, less communication with pilots from ATC. The challenges and risks of using CPDLC are, taking pilots attention away from the air…...
Aviation questionnaire
Words • 1397
Pages • 6
This assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. The questions cover aviation subjects studied for the issue of the commercial pilot's licence and general aircraft handling. The questions are answered by pointing and clicking the required answer using the mouse. To move to the next question click on the 'next' button. To go back to a question click on the 'previous' button. To change your answer point and click at another answer. The assessment is not timed. You should expect to…...
Cathay Pacific Recruitment Methods
Words • 3127
Pages • 13
1.0INTRODUCTION The organization that we have chosen is Cathay Pacific Airways, an airline industry that was established in 1946 in Hong Kong by an American Roy Farrell and an Australian Sydney H de Kantzow (Cathay Pacific n.d.a). The company has been named as “Best Airline in the World and Best Airline First Class in the 2012 Business Traveller China Awards” (Cathay Pacific n.d.b). This shows that Cathay Pacific is the one company that has its core competency in the development…...
Aircraft Secondary Flight Control Surfaces in Airplane
Words • 745
Pages • 3
 in AirplaneIn order for an aircraft to maneuver and maintain its stability, this required for aircraft to have control surfaces. Mainly, the aircraft are divided into two main control surfaces which are the primary flight control and the secondary flight control. The primary flight control is a basic control surfaces used to maneuver such as rolling, pitching and yawing. Meanwhile, secondary flight control surfaces are designed to augment stability, assist pilot control and ease the work-load. Some of the aircraft…...
AirplaneFlightFlight SafetyPilot
Pilot as a job
Words • 357
Pages • 2
Pilot - that's a dream job for every child and pilots are treated like demigods. Everyone aspires to fly high in the sky like birds. Though we have the commercial airlines as an attractive and lucrative career, to fly for the Air force is what everyone desire. Not only is it a matter of pride to serve the nation, but also fly these mean machines revving out thousands of horse power is a different thrill all together. Air force is…...
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