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Crash Movie Summary
Words • 780
Pages • 4
Summary The movie takes place in the futuristic world were all energy on earth is harvested from the far side of the moon. The main characters are astronaut Sam Bell and his robot companion Gerty. The movie shows the astroanut Sam Bell do his routinely duties in the far side of the moon which include monoriting the robots that extract Helium-3. Sam is responsible for collecting Helium-3 from the harvesting robots and send it back to earth(Harvesters). He is the…...
Chris Hadfield: The Most Inspiring Astronaut
Words • 921
Pages • 4
Do you know what defines a truly influential person? Is it someone that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge? Is it someone that inspires others to pursue their dreams? Chris Hadfield is one such person. Born in Sarnia, Ontario, on August 29, 1959, former astronaut and retired fighter and test pilot, Col. Chris Hadfield is truly a man of many contributions. He vindicated Canada’s contribution to space exploration, inspired young people around the world to pursue space, and is a…...
AstronautFlightSpace Exploration
Is Space Exploration Morally Justified?
Words • 1048
Pages • 5
On February the first, 2003, the Columbia space shuttle broke up as it re-entered the earth's atmosphere. The astronauts onboard the shuttle all tragically died. The accident left people wandering if mankind's urge to explore and need to understand has gone too far or is the Columbia Space shuttle crash just a set back in the long and ever ambitious programme for space exploration? What happened to the seven astronauts on the Columbia space shuttle is a tragedy. However, I…...
AstronautMoonMoralSpace ExplorationТhе Space
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Insight and Speculation on Getting a Man to Mars
Words • 1953
Pages • 8
Mars has been a fascinating topic of discussion for a long time now. Every aspect of the Red Planet is mysterious when you think about the history of it. It is extremely similar to the Earth in a lot of ways. It experiences seasons just like the Earth due to its tilt. It also has many mountain ranges, giving evidence for some plate tectonics, but not a lot of evidence. Due to Mars’ very thin atmosphere there is very little…...
The Process Of Space Travel Philosophy
Words • 1643
Pages • 7
Firstly I think space travel is worth the time and money because with space travel we can learn more about space and what’s up there. Also with more knowledge of space we can use it to our advantage. Space travel could be dangerous but it is worth knowing some knowledge about it to know if something dangerous like a comet is coming. It could also help for us to know more about the moon and the stars.Secondly here are some…...
AstronautMarsPhilosophySpace ExplorationТhе Space
Why Do I Want to Become an Engineer?
Words • 553
Pages • 3
Why do I want to become an engineer? Is a question I often ask myself and often have difficulty answering. When other people are asked with this question, they would have instant answers such as: It’s been my dream since I was little, I like machines, It’s because of LEGO., My father is an engineer., and etcetera. I wish I could have the same answer as them. I wish I could tell a story where when I was young, I…...
The international space station
Words • 704
Pages • 3
Space explorations by the United States, and perhaps, by any other nation, are fueled by the desire for human exploration and scientific discovery (Griffin, 2007). The ultimate end could be the possibility of establishing a habitat in space. As ambitious that vision may be, the construction of an International Space Station is considered as a step towards that direction (Griffin, 2007). The international Space Station is a construction in space where astronauts and other experts could study the possibility of…...
AstronautSpace ExplorationSpace TechnologyТhе Space
Weightlessness Takes Place
Words • 776
Pages • 4
Weightlessness takes place in a free-fall motion. When in free-fall, only the force of gravity (downward force) act upon the object, the object’s weight doesn’t drop but instead, appears to lose as the object fall freely. Newton’s third law states that, ‘for every action, there is an opposite, but equal reaction. ’ Two forces are interacting within each other to equalize its effects. The principle in centripetal force and ballistic trajectory applies in explaining weightlessness / free-fall motion. Effects of…...
AstronautGravityPlaceRoller Coaster
Why Should Be Proud of Malaysia?
Words • 614
Pages • 3
1. Malaysia's first astronaut sent into space and the ISS. 2. The people of Malaysia have been round the world solo yacht ride in 1999. 3. In 1997, two people who had conquered the mountain Everst Malaysia and the Malaysian flag flying there. 4. Malaysia has launched a satellite MEASAT 1 & 2 in 1996 for a live television broadcast. Malaysia currently has three satellite in space. 5. Muhamad Muqharabbin Mokhtarrudin (22 years) the people of Malaysia who have been…...
Little Bee by Chris Cleave
Words • 1275
Pages • 6
In the novel Little Bee, by Chris Cleave, the author writes about a refugee girl and a couple of English citizens who face many struggles as they move on with their lives.Suicide is a big factor on how the character’s separate lives work out. The different reasons for committing or wanted commit suicide could be seen as immoral from the readers’ perspective. The character Little Bee constantly thinks about ways to kill herself when enters new environments and her refugee…...
Personal Statement: Participated in a Nasa Space Camp
Words • 701
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Personal essays
At the age of 5, a young boy from India boarded his very first flight while taking a trip from Chennai to Hong Kong. He developed a strong interest in airplanes. In the year 2008, this young kid from India was influenced when he took part in a NASA area camp. This kid and his pals were granted the reward of the best junior scientists by Mr Steve Johnson, the Chairman of NASA. The award was provided on the basis…...
AstronautPersonalТhе Space
Conspiracy Theories and The Cold War
Words • 1458
Pages • 6
Much has been said about man’s first landing on the moon in the year 1969 and yet the conspiracy theory that came to explain how NASA lied to the whole world about moon landing has given the argument a different angle. When Neil Armstrong is said to have uttered the famous line, "that's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind", questions have emerged whether he was referring to a "giant leap" in mass deception. Did American…...
AstronautCold WarConspiracy TheoriesMoonSpace Technology
Earth from Space
Words • 688
Pages • 3
The American astronaut Edgar Mitchell once described the earth from outer space as “a sparkling blue and white jewel,” a “light, delicate sky-blue sphere” outlined with “swirling veils of white” amidst a “thick sea of black mystery. ” Indeed, the earth in space looks like a lonely sphere with neighbors separated by vast distances other than its one moon. More importantly, one can barely recognize the subtle details of the planet’s geographical features except the wide oceans and its land…...
AstronautТhе Space
Gene Kranz
Words • 626
Pages • 3
Apollo 13 directed by Ron Howard is the story of the real space mission that took place in 1969. The three astronauts had always dreamed of landing on the moon but not long after the astronauts launched into space did they realize that the task would be near impossible due to an explosion of an oxygen tank. Getting home safe became their next mission. A character in this film from whom I learned something is Gene Kranz played by Ed…...
A Trip to the Moon of Apollo 13
Words • 2640
Pages • 11
On April 11, 1970, three men were scheduled to fly to and land on the moon. The mission labeled Apollo 13. Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell made-up the original crew members of Apollo 13, but because of an inner-ear surgery, Alan Shepard felt unprepared to fly Apollo13. Jim Lovell, the commander of Apollo 14, was then approached and asked if he would mind switching flights with Shepard. Jim did not think there would be a great difference between…...
AstronautMoonSpace ExplorationTrip
Persuasion Mars
Words • 1209
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Persuasive essays
It is unworthy the expense and risk to make a manned flight to Mars A human mission to visit and arrive on the world Mars has actually long been an attractive topic and a debatable issue. In terms of cost, danger, worth, and morality, advocates and opponents of whether it is required to send manned missions to Mars never concern a compromise. Although proponents has actually brought up lots of excuses seemed affordable to support the Mars mission, here are…...
AstronautImperialismMarsPersuasionSpace Exploration
History of Barbie
Words • 1027
Pages • 5
With more than 150 careers on her resume she has worked as a Nurse, lifeguard, dance teacher and even astronaut. Her popularity has spread throughout the world for decades. She is beautiful, talented and every little girl has yearned to have her. Who is this woman you may ask? Her name is Barbie. I will be speaking about the History, popularity, and controversies of the Barbie doll. The Barbie doll was invented by a woman named Ruth Handler in 1959.…...
AstronautBarbie DollHistoryToy Story
Boat: Symbolism in Never Let Me Go
Words • 854
Pages • 4
Most people have dreams of becoming astronauts, doctors or painters but Hailsham students grow up knowing that they won’t get to live a normal life. They will donate organs until they die. Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go is about a dystopian society in Great Britain. It breeds cloned children for organ donations. Ishiguro uses a unique style of storytelling in which the protagonist Kathy narrates her memories of childhood at Hailsham to Adulthood and becoming a “carer”. While…...
AstronautBoatsNever Let Me GoSymbolism
The Last Lecture
Words • 769
Pages • 4
In this video, Randy Pausche, the Carnegie Mellon professor, is giving his last lecture. Although, he was fighting a terminal cancer, he was not talking about death, but about how to live in fullest. His last lecture is about his childhood dreams, enabling dreams of others, and about how we can try to achieve them. Randy’s speech is full of lessons which could be as valuable for students, workers, and housewives so long for managers, business owners, and executives. It…...
AstronautDecision MakingDecisionsLeadershipMotivation For StudentsMotivation In Life
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Why Do I Want to Become an Engineer?
...Sometimes I ask myself if I was who I wanted to be, or will I be who I want to be but I believe that I can be whoever I’d like to be. My road to become an engineer may seem bumpy and my journey may be slow but I do have faith that I would reach my ...
Why Should Be Proud of Malaysia?
...It is essential that we extract more value from what we reap and we inject more value into what we produce. We must apply technology to design more efficient processes, to create better methods of production and to invent new and better products. Onl...

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