Fluency, Accuracy and Motivation to Learn English as a Foreign Language

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Considering the fact that motivation is one of the key factors influencing success in a foreign language, teachers should prepare lesson plans in accordance with learners’ characteristics including learning styles, proficiency levels, motivation, etc. Among other characteristics, learners’ preferences toward corrective feedback is essential for a teacher to be considered in order to increase learners’ academic achievement, fluency, accuracy, and motivation toward learning English as a foreign language. The results of this research conducted with six levels of learners are in line with the finding of other researchers that learners differ in their preferences toward corrective feedback; young learners prefer to be corrected after they finish speaking by their teacher using explicit feedback whereas adults embrace implicit feedback highly.

Moreover, they highly value the peer-correction and self-correction feedback type and there is not a significant difference in their preferences to be corrected either while they are speaking or after they finish speaking or at the end of the class. However, because this empirical, case study research was focused in ‘The Cambridge School’ only, it is inappropriate to generalize the findings to a larger population (e.

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g., all private schools in Prishtina). Therefore, this issue can only be recommended for future research that would include a larger sample of the population. This study, indeed, has some limitations that should be taken into consideration in future studies.

First, data from the questionnaires represent a data collection process that is considered ‘a mile wide and an inch deep.’ The way questionnaires are designed and administered means that usually, a researcher can discuss what students answered but can’t explain why they answered as they did, however, these gaps are filled from both quantitative and qualitative data where learners also answered why they chose one particular option and not another.

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Second, the data cannot be generalized because of the case study design usage which means that the specification of the results is restricted to the selected school only.

Third, the study is conducted by a single researcher only. As cited by Sejdiu (2014), according to Cassell and Symon (2004), studies conducted by single researchers may be biased because they make interpretations without involving other parties. When observing the practical significance of the research presented here, the limited scope of this study should be taken into consideration. Understanding how important is for learners effective corrective feedback according to their preferences and learning styles is of great importance for English teachers. This experience had made me think of the importance of knowing learners’ attitudes toward CF in my future teaching.

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