Why is it Important to Learn English?

English has become the first and the common worldwide language in the world. Nowadays learning English it is not about being trendy, knowing English is necessary! It is practically impossible to avoid it at work, on holiday, at home or even in our leisure time. That is why it is very important for children to acquire high language proficiency as early as possible particularly in the English Language. The reasons behind starting to teach English as a foreign language at an early age are: children described as “sponges”, provide cognitive benefits to students and prepare children for their future.

The outcomes for teaching English as a foreign language at an early age are: improve accent, brain, and build confidence in speaking.

There are numerous reasons for learning English as a foreign language at an early age. The first reason is on a biological level, children are like sponges. The brain of a child is designed to absorb new information and master English accents quickly and effortlessly.

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Children are able to recognize even the smallest inflections of tone that exist between words. As we get older, learning a second language is more challenging, since our brains are not as perceptive when it comes to hearing distinctive sound inflections. A few adults discover it inconceivable to learn a new language. Therefore, the prior a new language is presented, the more naturally fluent the speaking will be. Another reason, which supports the importance of learning the English language at an early age, is to provide cognitive benefits to students that helps their overall academic progress.

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There are some various studies shows that learning a second language at an early age improves the executive function of the child’s brain. This means that they are best at Planning and solving problems in their daily life. The last reason is to prepare children for their futures in the workforce. A growing number of companies are looking for employees who speak more than one language, especially English. Moreover, staff who speak more than one language are paid much higher than their monolingual counterparts. They also have the ability to communicate with more people from different cultures when traveling for a job.

There are many good outcomes for learning English as a foreign language at an early age. Firstly, helps to have a much better chance of not having a foreign accent. A team at the University of Washington (2011), search about childhood speech and they find out that as we get older, it is more difficult to learn additional languages with native-like pronunciation. Because of that research, we should teach children a foreign language at an early age to give them the chance to speak like native speakers. Secondly, helps to improve the brain and increases the number of neural pathways in the brain, which help the information to be processed through a variety of channels. Children who speak more than one language will be better at tasks that need multitasking and attention focusing than children how speak only one language. Some researchers say that the best way to have smarter kids is to learn them foreign languages when they are at an early age. Finally, helps to build confidence in speaking while having fun at the same time. Learning a new language increases self-confidence and sense of achievement from being able to speak with others in their native language. Also, it’s fun to discover words in a foreign language that don’t exist in children native language.

In conclusion, learning English as a foreign language at an early age has become a growing trend in many countries in the world. Knowing English is important because English is the dominant language of science, technology, economics, and tourism it is also important for socializing and entertainment as well as work. We should teach and encourage children to learn English as a second language from an early age even in countries where it is not an official language. This will help children to increases the chances of getting a good job in their country or to find work abroad.

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