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Hitler Rise of Evil Review

Categories: Hitler

In my opinion, the movie Hitler Rise of Evil was a very informative movie, it was very accurate and gave some great insight to me. I thought the costume design was very accurate and good, as well as the portrayal of the lifestyle of back then. One thing I found with this film is that I found it to be accusative of many people in the film. It makes the whole thing seem as though everyone was completely brainwashed by Hitler and that everything was entirely his fault.

Although he had a great deal of power and influence, he could not have done what he did without people who chose to believe in him first.

If I had to summarize this film in three sentences I would say it opens with a determined young Hitler. Hitler rapidly gains popularity, as well as a few enemies. Hitler has control of everything he needs to proceed with his plans, and is very well on his way there.

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I learned many things from this movie, but I think the most important one is how he manipulated and persuaded people to do what he wanted. How he pressured President Paul Von Hindenburg into giving him political power. How he was able to get away with murder, because before I had seen the movie I thought majority of the people did not want to side with him but it was more of a do or die situation, but from what I have seen, there was a bit more of a mutual feeling throughout Germany, Austria and those other countries about the Jewish population.

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I liked how real the movie felt, there was a mood about it that seemed very true to the era. I liked the reactions to Hitler the many different characters had, some were fond of him, others weren’t, but if they made it obvious that they weren’t fans, they wouldn’t have such a happy ending. What I didnt like about the Movie was how insane they made Hitler look from the start, yes, he was a mad man, but he wasn’t always that way. If he had been then who would have followed him. The whole film was also built to be a film, not a documentary, which means that certain things were a bit more dramatic, but because it was a real story, it becomes a bit more misleading.

I have only ever experienced discrimination a few times in my life, one of these times was about 5 years ago, on my birthday, after my mother had just announced to the world that we were Jewish. My step-grandmother had an issue with this because she herself was racist against Jewish people. So for my birthday she gave me her gold Jesus Christ necklace. I’m not sure still what she was thinking when she gave it to me, but it was not something that would ever make me convert or change my views on Judaism, which I think was her goal.

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