James Thom’s “The Perfect Picture”

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In James Thom's extraordinary piece "The Perfect Picture" he discusses scenarios he was in at a one point of his life. He describes an experience he remained in as a young police press reporter and driving to a seen, where the grandpa back over this granddaughter. When he increases he sees all the media and the authorities gather around the grandpa. The grandpa could not even understand the concept of what took place yet, prior to news reporters and photographers are attacking his home, life and time with his family to grieve over his granddaughter.

When Thom sees the opportunity to snap the photo of the grandfather cradling the little woman, wrapped in a sheet, lying cold and lifeless in his arms. Thom has such a big choice to make, and just a mere moment to pick what he will do. Thom considers his profession, for a short 2nd, and he almost presses the shutter, the button that has the power to keep time standing still, in the meantime and permanently.

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He has the power to expose the emotions and lives of individuals, including this household, that have to re-live these experiences for the rest of their life. He can see the joy on the faces of his executives, and the awards that would be engraved with his name. If images are worth a thousand words, then his "ideal photo" will be worth a million! Thom finally chooses there is still no chance to justify this invasion of private household affairs.

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He reveals guts in his choice and fantastic confidence in his ability as a press reporter.

James Thom is making the ideal decision in not taking the chance to snap the ideal photograph. In today's society the media takes advantage of the common individuals, and profits from the world's miseries. In the age this story is taking location, the media is no various. The media thinks they deserve to intrude into individuals's lives, take what they desire, and presume no obligation and enjoy no consequences for their actions. Papers, TELEVISION stations, and so forth, call this their right to free speech. Seeing a reporter taking photos, pressing pushing and crowding around the scene, resembles enjoying a group of wild hyenas fighting each other for one piece of dead carcass.

On one side, there would be those that believe pictures, events, and the news, regardless of the subject matter are public property as long as it’s done in the name of media material. Reporters, journalist and photographers all fall into the same category. They are there to find the story, and if there is not a story present. They construct one to create intrigue for their customers. Most of the media is ruthless, cold and with hearts of stone. These beasts stop at nothing to get what they need to fulfill the greed in their soul.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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