Full-Time Teacher Letters

Dear Faculty, I write in response to your emails concerning full-time faculty workload impacted by the reduction in course offerings for the Fall 2018 semester. As you are aware, beginning this fall, the changes to the core will impact student registration patterns and choices. The revised core provides less prescription and greater choice for our student body and aligns well with national best practices. Moreover, we must also be mindful of the enrollment realities the campus is facing – simply put, more students are graduating in shorter time frames resulting in fewer undergraduate students enrolled at the campus at this time.

However, as of today, 2,500 continuing students have not yet registered for the fall semester.

The timely registration of these continuing students will positively impact section offerings. Ad Astra Platinum Analytics, a scheduling system that has been in place at most institutions for nearly 30 years, is an enterprise-scheduling platform utilizing course demand analysis. Ad Astra replaces an inefficient manual system that resulted in scores of classes being cancelled the first days of classes.

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This practice was problematic and chaotic for our students and fraught with many challenges as students attempted to stay on track and graduate in time.

Ad Astra aligns institutional resources, academic program plans and student enrollment with a goal of accelerating student completion. This product builds a comprehensive academic scheduling strategy. The strategy is built based on looking at five years of students’ previous choices, and then looks forward by considering individualized student degree audits to produce a schedule that provides a resource management plan based on sound decision-making.

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The Platinum Analytics system generates information regarding students’ course needs, previously unavailable in the student information system. This intelligence can be used to refine both the number of available seats for a course and the times courses are offered in a schedule. Contrary to common misconception, Platinum Analytics does not work solely on reducing sections, but also allows for accurate predictions for courses that require additional sections. It has an algorithm that can predict student demand. It is a tool that enhances the following:

  •  Identifying course bottlenecks that impact retention and on-time completion
  •  Refining offering times to maximize course access for students at registration
  •  Minimizing low-demand offerings that occupy prime rooms at prime times
  •  Aligning guided pathways and the course schedule
  •  Enabling registration modeling
  •  Mounting fewer multiple sections and bringing forward additional sections as enrollment in these sections reaches 75% of the desired enrollment

The Brooklyn Campus is a place of unquestionable promise. It is my sincere hope that in the critical months ahead we will all work on recruitment, retention and greater student satisfaction, with a clear goal of opening the fall semester in a place of strength. Additionally, several departments are working closely with the deans to develop new programs that will provide new teaching opportunities for our faculty and new majors for our students. In the next few weeks, we will finalize new programs in Sports Communication and Marketing, Art Therapy, and Communications.Sincerely, Gale Stevens Haynes, Esq. Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Operating Officer, LIU Brooklyn

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