Three Letters from Teddy

Great teachers empathize with kids, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon. -Ann Lieberman

When can we say that a person is a hero? Is it when a doctor saves a dying kid in a hospital? Is it when the fireman saves a young woman in a burning house? Or is it when the politician saves his nation? Everyone has a capability to be a hero, everyone can be called a hero. But the question is how extent his becoming a hero?

Three letters from teddy, the teacher who extend lessons beyond the classroom, whose guidance stays throughout the students lives.

It’s amazing to meet someone like Ms. Thompson, I believe each of us has our own Miss Thompson, who inspire us, who made us a better person, who believe on us that we can do everything, who dare us to believe, who showed us the way, who we considered our hero.

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A teachers like Miss Thompson, who shaped students lives and after all the years haven’t realize how thankful the students are in changing their lives are the real heroes. They don’t know how they’ve changed the students’ life, in single thing they did nor in a words did they speak. They even forgot what they did in the students because of the years they’ve serve but the students doesn’t forget. They always remember how you treat them, and they will always thank their teachers who made them a better person in their school days.

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A three letters from teddy, shows how teacher affects eternity. How teacher shaped the students, how gratitude the students in their teachers for making them who they are right now, for what they’ve become it is because of the teachers. For all the students, we have our own Miss Thompson to be thank for, a teacher who made us a person who we are right now, don’t miss the chance to thank them before it’s too late. And for the future teachers, let this letter be our inspiration to be a good teacher who’s not just a teacher teaches inside the classroom, whose job description is to teach the students within the time paid by the government. Let us be the teacher who embraces the students with no limit time, who teaches lessons beyond the classroom, and made the student a better person.

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Three Letters from Teddy

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