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How My Favourite Teacher Made Me a Better Student
...I’m no longer a part of the warren township high school as I graduated, but I still keep in touch with my old teacher. He helped me grow and develop into the person that I am today. I had many other teachers who were great , but this man was by far...
My Favorite Teacher Who Inspired Me
...Mrs. Kirkland has inspired me to become who I am today. Although this may not be considered an event, to me it is the most important thing to have happened to me thus far because meeting her has changed the individual I was and have become. I am very...
How Can Respect Make Me A Better Student?
...Once you have self-respect, you have the ability to gain others’ respect as well. In conclusion, the question: “How can respect make me a better student?” made me think of a myriad of real situations dealing with respect. Not only do you need t...

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