My Favorite Teacher Who Inspired Me

I feel that at this age it is hard to pinpoint a single important, impactful event in my life. Although looking back my 10th-grade year stands out the most for me. Education is and has always been an important aspect of my life. Teachers are some of the most disciplined people on the face of the earth because they are the ones that are responsible for educating future generations. They shape the lives of students by passing on values and beliefs, passion, and a better understanding of their subject matter.

At the time, though, it was just another teacher who taught another class I needed to take, but now I can see that meeting that teacher has helped shape me into the strong independent woman I am. Mrs. Kirkland taught my AP U.S. History class; although the class was not one of my favorites, she is my favorite teacher by far. She helped me to think outside of the little world that had been created for me, and she helped me realize that it is good to be a strong, independent, individualized thinker.

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Mrs. Kirkland helped me to understand that if I want to see the whole picture I must look at it from every point of view. She taught me to always ask 'Why?' because that allows you to see beyond the lines that you are given.

Mrs. Kirkland also inspired me to become a teacher. She is passionate about her job not just because she loves History, but because teaching allows her to change the lives of her students.

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She delivered lessons that are meant to last a lifetime. This reason is exactly why education is one of the most crucial parts of any legacy; particularly my legacy. And that is why I aspire to be a teacher. I wanted to be able to be one of those teachers because I would be able to make a difference. I know that through English and Literature I can reach the minds of my students and I can do for them what she did for me.

I can help them see beyond the lines on the page to the true meaning of the story; show them how it applies to their lives. I want to show them that everyone has a different way of viewing things and that a difference in views is okay and must be respected. I want to teach others the life lessons she taught me. I know that I would educate the ones who would go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicans and I wanted to be able to be one of those teachers who would be able to make a difference in the lives of our future leaders. I know I am destined to be a teacher.

Mrs. Kirkland has inspired me to become who I am today. Although this may not be considered an event, to me it is the most important thing to have happened to me thus far because meeting her has changed the individual I was and have become. I am very lucky and extremely thankful that I have been her student twice in my high school years. I also now know education is the most important aspect of life.

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Updated: Jan 18, 2024
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Updated: Jan 18, 2024
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