What Inspired Me to be a Nurse?

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My inspiration to embark on a nursing career is born from my need to help and take care of people. For the past years, I worked as a receptionist within the dental practice, I actually gained numerous caring skills within the practice and community setting, that have additionally improved my people skills and the way I move with others. At the practice, I perceive that returning to the medical man is often fearfully anticipated however with expertness I created positive patients felt assured of the standard of services.

I offered soothing words, positive distractions, and engage them in conversation to make them feel relaxed. My strength is my attention to detail, to ensure patient safety and comfort and see patients happy as they leave the practice. This was a rewarding experience.

Further, in my career pathway, I took up a new task as a care Assistance where I had the chance to enhance people’s living standards, maintain their independence and support them professionally.

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Throughout this point, I enjoyed the lecture and caring for residents and developing relationships with them, above all the older. At the end of the day, I feel happy creating a positive distinction in someone’s life. Operating closely with nurses at the care home on daily basis made me know how challenging and demanding the career can be, also be both rewarding and interesting.

Nurses are the first to care for patients, they pay most of their time attending and interacting with the patient, making decisions, they improve life.

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The more I experienced, the more I know that this is my calling. I want a career that relates to my passions where I will be able to care for people, heal their wounds, and care for them in their most vulnerable state. Nursing is an exciting career that deals with several aspects of patient care, and I enjoy the variety in the routine.

During my time at the university, I was elected a course representative. reinforced my communication, management, and team operative skills. I was able to communicate with people of all ages both orally and written. I am well organized and genuinely interested in people’s welfare, am friendly with empathy and confidence with reassuring manners. In my leisure time, I enjoy being creative and I am sure given the opportunity in nursing career will improve my creative thinking to be a part of positive decision-making in patient health. in addition to my skills, I pride myself on the name of following through and meeting deadlines and have demonstrated this in my academic and WorkLife. I have a versatile approach to work and this has helped me to cope with frequent change in schedule, I do know I will be able to surpass during this field of study.

It would be a privilege to be able to secure admission in nursing in your establishment. I know my dedication and passion for care will prove vital during this demanding and competitive profession. I Am assured that I will be able to match the quality set by your establishment.

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What Inspired Me to be a Nurse?

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