My Teacher Has a Big Influence on My Life

One day I was sitting in my math class, feeling bored and sleepy, when my teacher, Mr. .Ahmed woke me up by his words.He told us his story aboutmath and how his life changed after he changed his way of thinking. He also told us that he used to hate math, but he became good at math after he decided to like it. From that moment, I decided to adopt my teacher`s attitude, and I learned to be open-minded, flexible in my life and positive about math.

Mr.Ahmed was a great man; he liked to teach mathfrom his heart. He used to tell us his life story in a way to convince all students to fight negative thoughts and usepositive thoughts instead. Therefore, it taught menot only to change my way of thinking but it also helped me to become open-minded. Because my father never liked math, I assumed that I would not either, so I would never been better than that.

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In addition Ispent the next few days thinking about the teacher`s story. I was wondering how I could be good at math, and the teacher`s words were still echoing deeply in my ears“My dear kids, open your mind,think in a different waysand imagine yourselves doing what you want to be.” Consequently, I learned to clear my mind, think in a different way and focus on my goals. Another aspect that attracted me more to the teacher’s story was its similarity to my situation.

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I didn’t like math that time, but my teacher’s words gave me tremendous inspiration I still use that till now. I also became flexible in my life; I could do anything to improve my life without listening to the negative thoughts. I was trying different ways of thinking and listening to the different points of view. As result my family noticed the big change in my life, because prior to that time I waslazy,careless, andunorganized. The next week I felt I was a different person who had a great power to do whatever it took to actualize my plans in life.Not only was my education improved but also my life.Being responsive to change helped me a lot to be successful in most classes and to be friendly with everyone. In addition my brothers appreciated my change and felt like they had their brother back. Finally, my teacher`s story put me on the solid path to walk without failing.

My life changed in a positive way from being a lazy student, who hated anything related to math or science, to becoming bright student who enjoyed learning in all aspects. I became very optimistic, confident to face any problems with open heart.In one year my grades changed from D`s to A`s,so my family rewarded me with Safari to Kenya.Since I changed my way of thinking, I changed my life in a remarkable way. My teacher`s advice encouraged me to study human development and psychology.I also decided to study mathematics and to become a math teacher like Mr. Ahmed .Time passed so quickly that I couldn’t believe that I was standing in frontof my own math classteaching.In The first class I couldn’t hide my tears because I remembered my great instructor. My students noticed this, and I told them my story with Mr. Ahmed. I was astonished and unable to understand how his words were powerful for me,completely altering the course of my life. I was writing to my teacher for years telling him every detail of my life; he was a good supporter to me. Additionally, he was very happy to see me successful in my life .When I heard his death , I was feeling sad for months .However , remembering his words “ man will die but his actions and words stay for good” kept me breathing till now. My teacher`s words taught me to appreciate life, and think positively, be open-minded, and be flexible in life. Although he is gone and I am sad for loss of his physical presence, I keep him and his advices in my heart. Therefore, I will keep him as symbol of my success and happiness.

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My Teacher Has a Big Influence on My Life

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