The Impact of My Favourite Teacher on My life

When I think of my elementary, middle, and high school memories there is one teacher that comes to mind. My high school math teacher Mr. Monanian. He was a teacher that positively affected my attitude not only towards math but my education in general. He made math easy by thoroughly explaining whatever I was having trouble with. No matter how long it took to explain a problem he took his time and even showed shortcuts to the answer. He gave me confidence in my ability to do math, as well as methods to use in the future.

I believe he has made a huge impact when it comes to my education because he has helped me improve my math skills drastically.

Mr. Monanian was the kind of teacher that all the students wanted to be around. He was one of the most well-known teachers there. He always made learning math fun. Once Mr. Monanian teaches the lessons of mathematics in class he asks us to repeat it at home and do the practice twice, which made him different from other teachers at the school.

Especially when we had a lesson on Pythagorean Theorem, I don’t know why I had such a difficult time learning it. It got so bad to the point where I would meet him after school to go over it again. This became a constant thing and I would find myself there every day. Then he would give me worksheets to practice and then bring it to him in the morning to go over it.

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He even made it fun for me by offering extra credit towards the next test for every problem I got right, if I showed him that I understood it. Pythagorean Theorem was my worst nightmare but with the help of Mr. Monanian that was the thing of the past. This was humorous because he loved Pythagorean Theorem so much he got it tattooed on him.

Furthermore, while I was in his class I felt more confident in my math abilities. Math is not a subject I’m strong in, so I usually need a patient teacher in order for me to understand the lesson. He taught me skills that I currently use and he made it easy to remember by turning math rules into chants. Something about the way he taught made math seem possible. He wasn’t only the best teacher in the world but a great friend. He was that teacher that you could talk to for advice, a great listener and pointed me in the right directions for my future. Mr. Monanian loved all of his students even though he was teaching in a class where the students, like me, struggled with math. He was didn’t mind working with students that had a hard time catching on. He was ready to tutor/teach anyone as long as the student showed effort; he also worked very hard with the kids who didn’t do so great in math.

If you had a learning disability or if you sometimes misbehaved that meant nothing for him. He was more intrigued to help for the more challenging students. He made every student feel equal and he worked really hard to make everyone successful in his class. Overall I got good grades in his class, but that was all thanks to him he taught me and always encouraged me. He was very good at building character and confidence that you could do the work even when you aren’t so sure that you could do it. Looking back now I was lucky to have a teacher who put that much time and effort into their students. It would allow me and other people to just focus on doing our best. Mr. Monanian would give us a lot of tries to get the answers right and to pass the tests that he gave. He always made me feel smart and he always told me that I would achieve my goals if I just worked hard enough, he was right.

Though his work was hard, he put it in a perspective to where we understood. He understood the problems many people faced, especially in relation to math. Mr. Monanian would never dream of letting us just avoid the task, he wouldn’t try to humiliate anyone either. He had a special touch that enabled us to overcome our challenges but also knowing where our real limits were. Mr. Monanian had a lot of different ways to teach math, and he was very creative in the classroom. He wasn’t that teacher that stood at a board and talked for hours. Talking in a monotone voice reading off slides. There were days when it was like no one understood what he was trying to teach, so he would give examples in a lot of different ways and even make jokes to help us remember the important topics.

Mr. Monanian would tell us real-life examples of how math is used in everyday life, so we would stay motivated and focused. Sometimes when we would ask why we had to learn something that didn’t seem very important, he would explain how math fit into life and how we would need to know the material when we become adults out in the real world. In spite of the subject, he was a very encouraging teacher he encouraged me not only in school but with extracurricular activities and my plans for the future.

Mr. Monanian has positively impacted my opinion on education because he is one of the few exceptional math teachers I’ve had. Mr. Monanian had simple teaching methods that gave me the strategies to be successful in solving math problems. Overall he was a great teacher and pleasant person as well. Although, sometimes he had his moments of being strict, Mr. Monanian was still the teacher that I mainly looked to for help. The way I look at it, he was the teacher who constantly go the extra mile to help out any student and make sure they learned math and that they were doing okay overall in school. Everyone should have the chance to have a teacher like Mr. Monanian at least once while they are a student.

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