Mrs. Satan is My Favourite Teacher

Who is your favorite teacher? Mrs. Satan happens to be my favorite teacher this year. Mrs. Satan teaches a language and possesses the unique ability to put a smile on everyone's faces. She always goes over the things you don't understand and never yells at you for asking a beginner question. There are many reasons why Mrs. Satan is my favorite teacher.

In fact, I could write a whole list on it! The first reason why she is my favorite teacher is that she likes talking about herself.

I love hearing about her family and how many kids she has. When she talks about her family, I feel like I learn so much. Mrs. Satan goes off topic a lot and doesn't really teach us the foreign language most of the time. That's okay because we don't go into her class to learn anyways.

The second reason is that she teaches everything that is on the tests. Every time I take a test in her class, I feel so prepared.

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Mrs. Satan always helps us if we have questions on the material of the test. The third reason she is my favorite teacher is because she never yells at us when we help our classmates out with classwork. Mrs. Satan always speaks to us in a nice and calm tone. She doesn't ever tell you to look up an answer on your own, she always tells you personally. Those are just a couple reasons from the whole list of why Mrs.

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Satan is my favorite teacher.

Everyday before I go into class, I take a deep breath. That deep breath helps me calm my excitement of going into her class. Her class is so much fun! Once the bell rings and everyone sits down, she stares into our souls with her cheerful eyes. Mrs. Satan is always cheerful and happy to see our class. She never ever yells at us because we are a perfect class. When class begins, she starts teaching us right away and never gets distracted. After we finish learning, we have about five minutes to review that night's homework.

Our class never leaves when the bell rings because she has to dismiss us. All in all, I love going to Mrs. Satan's class! That class always puts me in the greatest moods! Mrs. Satan speaks very clearly to us in the foreign language so we can understand it. She never mumbles when speaking to the class. When she speaks a foreign language, she never translates it so we know exactly what she is saying. I think I learn a lot!

Mrs. Satan also puts all the directions for papers and classwork so we know exactly what we are doing. It is great because my friends can always help me out translate; I've made so many friends that way. Overall, I love when Mrs. Satan only speaks in the foreign language and the class knows exactly what they are doing.

I love having Mrs. Satan as a teacher! She is such a pleasure to have every fifth period. She teaches so well and gets into detail about all the subjects we learn. Mrs. Satan never yells at us and always has a huge smile on her face. In conclusion, Mrs. Satan is my favorite teacher and makes me so happy everyday.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021
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