My Mother Is the Best Teacher in My Life

My mother is, without doubt, the most important person in my life and the only one I could never live without. According to Erich Fromm, “a mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” I personally have the greatest gift in my life which is my mother.

When it comes to physical appearance my mother has striking features that are able to turn heads even in her advanced age. She a bit short and has a medium body structure.

Her hair is black and she is light in complexion. She has very beautiful and kindest brown eyes I have ever seen. Her voice is of that heavenly sweet melody when she speaks. My mother has very good taste when it comes to fashion, everything she wears really suits her figure to a point where one can think she is a model or fashion designer.

My mother has likes and dislikes that build up her character.

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Firstly, my mother likes exploring the food world and this has resulted in her being the best chef I have ever seen. She enjoys spending most of her time in the kitchen. Her favorite dish is macaroni and cheese. Her passion for cooking has also resulted in me being interested in cooking and being good at it. She also like reading, apart from recipe books that she loves reading, she reads a lot of magazines and novels. She also likes watching TV as it helps her to catch up and know what is happening around the world.

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More so, she also likes participating in goodwill, community work. This involves educational campaigns, clean up campaigns and humility aids. Most of these campaigns she usually does through the church where they go visit orphanages, hospitals and peoples’ homes. This has made her the most humble person in our community and also at home.

Her favorite thing to do is being a mother among all. She takes care of me and my siblings with great patience every day. She is also far-sighted. My mother will always send me to participate in educational camps and this made me independent. As I look forward to go to college or university far away from home, she can be certain that I take good care of myself.

However, my mother has got dislikes. She really does not like disobedient children and being disrespected in as much as she wants us to respect her elders in general. She is very strict with me so that I do not get mislead or go astray. The funniest thing about my mother is that she does not like insects and bugs such as spiders, these are the only things that terrify her and I am always ready to help her out by chasing them away or kill them.

My mother is my best friend and I have accepted my self-induced isolation from her with grace. She is a good woman who raised us her children, sheltered us and loved us without asking for anything in return. I believe that the greatest compliment I could ever give my mother, is to grow up and be exactly what she wants me to be. My gift to her will be my success in life, so that when she is old in her grey hair she can sigh to herself and say “Wow! It was worth it”

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My Mother Is the Best Teacher in My Life

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