The Reason Why My Mother Is My Best Friend

Looking up to a person is different for everyone, for me, it is my mom. My mother is strong and independent. A person who many people look up to including me. Someone who has the biggest heart in the world. Even when something is dragging her down. It took me so long to spend time with my mom. Like any teenager, I was rude and uncaring about her and how she felt. Never spending any actual time with her. Moms are amazing and no one should ever throw that away.

My mom has been through everything.

When she was growing up, she was very poor and didn’t have much. She said “I rode the bus two hours a day, one there and one more back. I could never stay after school because there would be a chance, I would miss the bus.” When hearing this I was in shock, for me I always had a ride to school and was always picked up.

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She does so much for me, whether it being her traveling across the united states with me to move to Iowa or it being picking me up Mc Donald’s after work. It’s the little things that matter most. She always is telling me the story about us moving to Iowa.

My mom’s unpleasant youth truly molded the individual that she is. She is one of the most dedicated moms I have ever known. She has always been ready to work all day at our family bar, completed school, and even began college.

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All while supporting a child. She is now just starting college back up again. And I have never been prouder of her.

One of the first memories I can remember of my mom was her singing our song to me every night before I was going to bed. While traveling through each state I remember us singing this one special song over and over. It calmed me down and relaxed us both. I always find my mom giving to those in need. Either it is giving money to the homeless or it is helping someone in need with a warm bed and a meal. She is always finding new ways to keep busy and show me how big her heart is.

As well as watching my mother grow day by day while I was becoming the young adult I am today. She taught me so much, from how to tie my shoes to drive a car. I have learned and even took in some of her traits as well like we both bite our top center part of lip when we are nervous. How we both almost always have to have fake nails on because we both tend to chew on them. With everything comes a greater struggle.

I have seen my mom struggle as she battled to pay bills, raise a family, and get a new job and get more jobs after we moved to Iowa. She has constantly told me to do what I think is right and has held that to her and has supported all of my decisions. She tries so hard to make my sister, two brothers, and me tough. I look at her with the hopes that I will be just as amazing, outspoken, and strong as she is to this day. She has shown me the most important things in life. I would have never made it to where I am now without her.

Now that I am in college and not home as much, I appreciate the time I get to spend with my mother more than I ever have before. Many people take having dinner as a family together each night for granted and I sure as well did before. But now if I get the chance to sit down with my mom and have a good long conversation It makes my heart melt more than ever.

I asked my mom what one thing she was will always remember? and she told me this- “To love something so much that it puts pain on you, is the pain worth the love you get back from it.” When I heard this for the first time last week I was in shock. I never thought that hard about it till now. Leaving all of our family behind was very hard for both of us but was the pain of not being able to grow and be who we are worth it?

Everyone has a mom, no matter how much she has put you through she will always be your mom. My Mom especially is the best. She will always put me before herself, and I will forever be thankful to have her. She has raised me into who I am today, and how she goes above and beyond for the others around her. Thank you for being an amazing mom. I love you.

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The Reason Why My Mother Is My Best Friend

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