Letter to Best Friend About Not Quiting High school

I have been thinking about what you announced to us and I wanted to help you out. I am willing to help and encourage you to not drop out of high school because you need have a good future. Dropping out of high school is not the best way to give up because your having problems, failing a class or just feel that you don’t like school. You yourself need to set your mind that you can do it ! I believe education is important because you learn new things, it prepares you, and orientates you through the right path.

In order to be successful in life we have to focus and be perseverance.

In the first place, I’m going to convince you of staying in school and earn that diploma. Earning that diploma can give you many opportunities. With a diploma you can get a job. Its sometimes difficult to apply to jobs without them seeing you didn’t finish your high school.

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Its important to get that diploma because it says a lot about you that you didn’t give up and tried your best throughout high school to earn it. With a diploma you can go to any college or university. It shows schools that you conquered to complete your high school to move onto the next level.

Also, it basically proves to that you completed your four years of high school education,which is important. Second, you need to continue with your education because it is important that you learn all the materials you need to know including mathematics, history, English , science and others courses.

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It is necessary that you stay in school because without you knowing any of this it might confuse you in future exercises including those subjects. It is important that you learn these subjects because it useful for everything.

For example, mathematics, is going to be needed for the rest of your life. Math is needed in everything as in counting money, and other things. All types of jobs need mathematics like cashier and accountants. History is also important to learn for those who maybe want to become a history teachers to teach their student about our the history of the U. S or other countries. Science is also useful in anything you maybe want to work in a science lab investigating and looking deep into your research. English is kind of like math English is used everywhere.

Learning grammar and punctuation is very important also, you don’t want to misspell a word. What I’m trying to do is just convince you that finishing these courses can help you in whatever you want to become either it is becoming an accountant, history teacher, work in a science lab, or just not make any errors in your English it is important that you learn all these materials that are going to prepare you for your future. Third, going through high school might me hard , difficult , and confusing at times but it also makes you think about life.

It makes you think about what you want to become as in your career. With time you start realizing what you like and dislike. Also, I believe that finishing your high school and getting your diploma makes you feel special. It makes the people around you happy that you accomplished and finished. It shows that you never gave up and tried your best to make them happy and yourself. It says a lot about you that you got a diploma and it can open many doors for you in the future.

To conclude, I encourage you friend to finish your high school and earn that diploma. High school teaches you new things, it prepares you, helps you decide what you want to be become in the future. Earning your diploma gives you many opportunities, learn all your basic courses needed, and it makes the people around you happy because you showed them and your self that you can do it and acconplish your goals. I’m encouraging you to not quit and think about it twice and not drop out look at all the opportunities you have and all you can do it !

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Letter to Best Friend About Not Quiting High school

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