An Email to an Old Friend

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Do you remember me?? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw your name on the friends reunited website and I also can’t believe that it have been 22 years since we graduated from Lasalle!! How are things with you? I really hope you are well. That time you said you will go to Paris for your further studies, but unfortunately, we lost contact after that… You told me you have your ambitions to run your own business on Fashion when you finished your study in Paris.

So how about that? Does your dream come true? I hope so. I have my own music school in China and it is running well under my little brothers management.

Now I am living in New Zealand because my husband doing his business here. Oh! I think you known him before. Do your remember a gentle man we met when we travelled to Taiwan? We have got two children. One boy and one girl and they looks like me more! Ah, almost forget to tell you Mona and Tommy married few years ago! Is this a big surprise for you? I was amazed when I heard this, because they were unlike each other at that time.

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Now everything changed! As for my family, they are really well now.

My mom is still living in Singapore with my uncle. They usually go for travel and have already visited many places. They are planning to travel around the world. I really dream of their life when I get older.

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Also,they come here to visit me for about 3 months every year. We really had a good time together and I’m happy that both of them have good health. Well, that’s all about my life now. Keep in touch. I want to hear from you! Take care of yourself.

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An Email to an Old Friend

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