Scheduling Subject to a Resource Constraint

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Consider again the project in problem 3. Given the all of the data in Table 3. 1, the project manager for the auditing project is now faced with a resource constraint. There are only two accountants available to work on this project, at a rate of $75. 00 per hour. A. Enter the resource requirements shown in Table 3. 1 into your MS Project model, and demonstrate that the schedule found in problem 3 leads to an over-allocation of accountants during the project.

Include an MS Project resource graph with your answer showing the over-allocation (5 pts).

The left pane displays Accountant 1’s name. Acct 1’s histogram as displayed on the pane on the right; shows that Acct 1 has 2 red bars in the first two weeks of January 2004. These red bars mean that he has been over allocated during these two weeks. He has been scheduled to work more than 8 hours a day during these 2 weeks.

More details from the Resource Usage View reveals that on the week beginning January 4th 2004, Acct 1 was scheduled to work 16 hours on Thursday and Friday and on the week starting January 11th Accountant 1 was scheduled to work 16 hours a day for 4 days from Monday to Thursday.

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(See appendix 1) B. Use the automatic resource-leveling feature in MS Project to determine a schedule that does not lead to an over-allocation of accountants, and which is still completed in the same amount of time as the answer to problem 3.

Include the Gantt chart and resource graph with your schedule (5 pts). The effects of leveling are seen from the Leveling Gantt below.

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The green bars show the leveled tasks. (Schwalbe 446) The Resource Graph below shows that after leveling there were no red bars in ACCT 1’s histogram. From contrasting the time taken by the initial schedule (29. 3) against the schedule with leveled resources (35. 5), it can be revealed that 6 days were added to the project end date to remove resource over allocations. (Shwalbe pg 446) (See appendix 3 and 4)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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