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Homework essay samples

Homework is defined as an out-of-class activity assigned to students as an elaboration or extension of the work that was done in class. Homework impacts multiple benefits for life. It helps not just kids but parents to recall a certain problem and apply it to another distinctive situation. The thought of homework to children and students seems like a tedious task that might be harmful to them, but it helps a student or anyone to comprehend tasks that need to be done.

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Importance of Reviewing Class Material

Does homework actually improve learning? The answer to the question is yes. But when being reviewed from different perspective homework sometimes can have a negative effect. Homework is necessary for more than just getting graded for what has been done; rather it is meant for children to taking what they have learned and applying it to certain task. The most important benefit of homework is perseverance. Homework varies by the activities that needed to be done and also, its purpose. Homework gives students a chance to review class material or outside curricular activities. Students are not paying enough attention during class, however, when they receive homework. They have to go back and read and even find additional information about the topic. When it comes to homework students are forced to solve complex problems on their own and learn how to work independently. It also takes the place as a second teacher to help children work hard to complete the assignment on his or her own.

Involving Family Members

Secondly, homework helps bring families closer as children have chance to ask their caregivers or any other family members to help them solve some educational task as part of their homework. This helps students better understand the task, but also allows parents to get involved in their children education. Warton (2001) found that conflict arises from parental involvement with homework or from trying to ensure that children complete homework. The article explains that lack of argument between student and their parents may be a result of misperceiving due the homework sometimes can be an excessively overwhelming task. But all together it promotes the learning between both persons.

Educational Tasks and Progress

Homework is what give the idea to parents on how their children progress are at school or any place of educational tasks. Warton (2001) article emphasizes that certain amount of time needs to be spent on homework. Kids get overwhelmed after a certain amount of doing homework and this can raise the stress level of student and lower productivity and performance, instead of increasing it. The article states that the need to give homework must be considered carefully for it to have a good effect on kids.

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