The Importance of Homework in Education

Homework has been around for decades. In fact, no one knows when exactly homework started, just that its been a part of education for centuries. For a long time teachers have been telling students that they must devote at least a portion of their time to their own educational pursuits. As long as there has been homework around there have been students wondering exactly why they had to do that homework.

There are several reasons why homework is important. Here are a few of them:

Homework helps you to remember the things you learned in class.

By spending some time in the evening doing homework you are reminded of the material you covered in class during the day. This does several things for you in terms of helping you to remember those ideas. Often called the concept learning by rote and it is a tactic that has been proven beneficial for centuries.

Homework is also important because it teaches you critical thinking skills.

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When you do your homework you are often forced to take the material beyond what was covered in class. You are asked to think more critically about the subject matter. Whether it is a piece of literature or whether its a certain type of math problem or whether it is a science experiment. So, homework takes the learning experience and lets you apply the important critical thinking skills. While you may not use the actual subject matter later in life, those critical thinking skills will stick with you later in life and you will use them on a daily basis.

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Homework is also important from the teachers perspective. Homework allows a teacher to keep tabs on a student to see how exactly they are progressing in relation to the rest of the class. It helps a teacher to identify a student who is not keeping up and allows them to give extra help to a student as needed.

Finally, homework is important because it teaches children discipline. It offers them an opportunity to manage their time. In a sense, they are forced to budget their activities so that they have time to do the things they want to do as well as time to do the things that must be done. In this way, homework plays a small but significant part in the process of growing up and becoming a responsible adult. While homework isnt the only important part of an education, it is one vital component of the education puzzle.

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The Importance of Homework in Education

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