An Opinion on Why Homework Harms Student and Hinders the Educational Process

Homework has been a staple of schools and the education for years. But does it really benefit the student in the long run.7 I don't believe it does. I think homework harms the student and impedes the educational process. Iwill explain why. I would like to illustrate three specific reasons why teachers should not give homework. As someone who has suffered from mental health issues, such as anxiety, and as someone who supports herself in New York City, I can personally say that homework not only isn't beneficial, but it also jeopardizes my personal mental well»being.

I also believe, based on research that l have done, that it jeopardizes others well being as well. For example, when a student leaves school, meaning after school, he or she has a life of his or her own. He or she might have responsibilities such as kids. parents, or other things that he or she may need to take care of.

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He or she may be working full time and when he or she is bombarded with homework, they may suffer from severe breakdown due to the homework they are receiving and have to deal with. Now, I‘m not only talking about adults. I‘m also talking about children. He or she may not work but they do need to have quality time whether it is with his or herself orwith his or her friends I believe that it is very important that teachers in the school administration know what a huge toll homework can have on children or adults such as these.

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A study that was published on talked about the fact that, not only did homework trigger mental health issues, but students did not perform well in the long run when they received homework in comparison to when they didn‘t. Regarding giving out homework, if I were the head of the school, I would come up with a different solution. Instead of giving homework, I would have the teaches give a short quiz after each and every lecture.

The quiz will show the teacher where a student might need improvement. That way, students will be more eager to pay attention in class in order to pass the test, and they would still be able to handle school without being so anxious about homework, Another reason I believe teachers should not give homework is that many students end up dropping out of school due to so much homework. And I'm not even talking about people with learning disabilities. I‘m talking about the average student and even straight "A" student who just wants to graduate from school but isjust not able to commit to the amount of homework that is given to him or her, and as a result, he or she has no choice but to quit school. The evidence is shown in an article that was published on A 35-year»old highly intelligent, straight "A“‘ honor roll student dropped out of High School because of homework. He explained that, although he was a mostly straight “A" student one the Honor Roll. he ended up failing his classes at some point. not because of his excellent test grades. but because he couldn't keep up with the homework.

As he mentioned he had excellent grades on tests. This means that someone like him could easily have graduated as a straight “A“ honor roll student. But instead, he ended up suffering from severe depression. As he states in the article, "The system turned a successful, smart kid, into a worn dropout." In this instance, if I were the head of the school, I would have offered classwork instead of homework. The student is still learning the material, but he or she is doing it in class, where he or she can be fully present and still have a life after school. Besides, that, it has been proven. that students learn better when they take breaks. A study that was written on as well as a study that was made on shows specific evidence that students do indeed learn better when they take breaks. When we “learn" something for too long we're actually more likely to forget it and get confused rather than if we learn it and come back to it later.

Last, but not least, proof, why students should not receive homework, is because homework makes learning dreadful and not fun. Instead of someone being excited to learn because humans are naturally excited to learn things, homework becomes something people just want to escape or just get done. As the article on suggests, while students are born with a natural instinct to love learning, they truly despise homework, This, in the end, leads to negative academic results, because they see homework as something they must do in order to pass a class. My final example of how I would act if I were head of the school. is to have the teachers offer the students free will to do homework. only if they want. The homework will not determine if the students will pass the class or not.

They will simply give the students an extra credit. It will not be mandatory. It will be based on free will. In conclusion, I believe that the education system truly wants to better students so that they can go out to become better-educated citizens. But, I believe that in order to become a better, more educated citizen, you have to love what you are learning. And in order to love, one needs balance and not to be forced. If the system will choose not to give homework, but instead focus on better quality of teaching, more students will stay in school and graduate.

Updated: Aug 09, 2022
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