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Differences between BICS and CALP

BICS and CALP are unique in its particular style of learning, each one adaptable according to the availability of resources with a particular student. A view can be held that BICS are easily learnt via interaction with people in society, at home, and through media. The accuracy of learning is not accounted of unless an individual is passed through the channel of CALP. CALP brings out the best caliber among students and prepares efficient individuals as it is a whole package of hard work with strong components.

Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS)

Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Skills (CALP)

  1. Offers the skills of communication, interaction that can be used in society and at home environment. Teaching of English language at school level offers fundamentals, basic grammar, speaking, reading, writing, with its strong components and an eligibility for master over language for further certification at graduate, post-graduate and doctorate level.
  2. Very helpful in communicating with one another in day to day activities.

Physical gestures [shake hand, smile, nod of head, wave of hand] also indicate and send a warm message to the receiver which is more effective and communicative tool.

Involves excessive mental work in preparation of words including and applying knowledge at every step. Although it appears as a complex activity, there can be no other best or an alternative expertise way to prepare students for linguistic mastery at school and graduate level. 3 Home environment is sufficient as parents also contribute to the development of perfect etiquette in communications.

However, it depends on home atmosphere where it said home is the preliminary school where the interaction begins with parents which works as a tool and motivates the child to take decisions about acceptance and refusal of a particular situation according to the development of mental perception of a student School atmosphere, influence of Teachers on students is predominantly heavy at teaching level.

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Students listen, understand, write, follow and practice that is being taught by the teachers.

The entire responsibility is laid on Teachers. Therefore, on an average most of the teachers expect a meritorious grade from all the students as a record of good teaching level, irrespective of students private status. When this is not possible, teachers take every care about students understanding of English i. e. basics, grammar, phonetics, both writing and reading of English is at prospective and intelligible stage which is earmarked in evaluation of examination papers. 4 This appears very easy students who are perfect at CALP.

It can also be easily taught through the medium of television, play school and etc. , which is also effective tool for BICS as television programmes such as cartoon network, pogo, Disney network also telecast programmes in favour of students to provide more effective understanding, accurate pronunciation of words which is entertaining and learning based. Learning of CALP requires, effort, hard work, constant persuasion, and periodical assignment evaluation through strict procedures of correction method to prepare students to be experts in CALP.

Conclusion Teaching in classroom holds very good for CALP as each student is enabled with strong foundation of fundamental and basic strong communication skills to become a successful communicator as well to make a prospective career in a particular subject. An anecdote of a secretary and boss goes in the following manner: Boss dictated his secretary to send a telegram “May his soul rest in peace”. Duty bound secretary typed and sent the message in the following line: “May his soul rest in piece”.

Here an identification is made about incoherence, lack of thinking or imperfect in English language which is unacceptable at every level. Therefore, it is important for a student to gain mastery over BICS as well CALP at school itself with the support of Teachers.

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Differences between BICS and CALP
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