A Personal Recount of The Different Views of the Writers in Literature

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My first impression of my own writing is that I am skilled but I definitely need room for improvement. I realized that Ive mastered the skills Ive been using since eighth grade, but that this class gave me the opportunity to step it up. My typical writing process is to create and outline of my paper as a whole and then divide out the specifics within it. This helps each paragraph to tie my main point all together. I have always enjoyed even at a very young age.

Even though I tend to struggle with spelling, I have extensive knowledge of vocabulary and word usage. My awarenesS of my strengths and weaknesses in writing certainly prepared me for my first college writng class.

Would say that I have more strengths than weaknesses when writing One of my strengths is seen with in my formatting. I like to be able to acknowledge a clear outline that completely supports the idea in my paper.

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The paper Ive wrote that best represents this strength is my paper "work to live or live to work." In his paper I was able to break a three page essay into into five paragraphs. That would include an intro and closing with three body paragraphs in between. Each of these three paragraphs support a different idea that supports the thesis. In this paper my thesis stated that people view working to live or living to work "depends on people's environment, their their socioeconomic lifestyle, and their family culture.

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" That sentence indicates the theme of each body paragraph. The first and second one show howW people's environment and social class encourage a certain view of my topic. The third body paragraph displayed how one's family culture can drive someone to feel that they either work to live or live
to work. Following that type of formula I am a very strong essay writer.

Along with my strength l do have many weaknesses when writing. One thing I have always struggled with is my spelling. While in these days spell check dominates my editing process, still struggle when trying to write with good old pencil and paper. Another one of my weaknesses is citing in-text and works cited pages correctly. Truthfully that only due to my neglect of the formatting tools provided to me on websites such as Owl Purdue. Knowing these weaknesses I spend a lot of my time editing and revising. I think the edits given to me by my peers are helpful but I realize that additional assistance is usually necessary to write an "A worthy paper. I usually receive this extra aid from teachers and on occasion my own parents.
Found this provides me with a more advanced and complex understanding of my mistakes and how to mend them. Having my superiors point out my faults to me helps me become a more advanced writer.

Overalls almost every aspect of this course worked for me. One of the aspects I enjoyed was the topics of our essays and journals. A lot of flexibility was provided to us and I even like evaluating the short stories from our text book. Those writings make us think and reflect a viewpoint that many of us have never viewed before. I also felt that the choice to begin writing in APA format was necessary for this course. Even though we are in a high school setting, we should abide by college standards, and we do. I think my favorite aspect of this class was the amount of independence we get. Again I will state that it is a college class and we are reated like college students. My only really dislike in the class was the group essay. I still think we should
do one but I think that for that type of project the instructor should pick the groups. Other than that I loved this course and am looking forward to comp.

This course taught me many new things about writing. Especially how different writers present varying viewpoints. Different authors we have looked at challenge their readers to see things from their viewpoint. I have adapted to this method and begun to strengthen my own Usage of it. This concept makes me feel even more confident when writing. I am most certainly becoming closer and closer to becoming a perfected college essay writer. After all theassignments I've completed this course I am extremely equipped for the next course. I can't wait to find out what I'll be writing next.

Updated: Apr 28, 2023
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A Personal Recount of The Different Views of the Writers in Literature essay
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