A Time When I Felt Extremely Proud of Myself

It was a great time in my life while I was in school, feeling proud of myself. Because, that time I had an opportunity to developed many things like knowledge, relationship, emotional, mental and physical development. I always remember that great time, which I spent in my school life.

It gives me a lot of happiness and also helpful to build up the beautiful memories. It still recall on my mind to memorize a successful achievement, great event and historical record which I obtained in my school life. In my school life I made lot of friends.

I had a big group of friends as I believe in making friends in my life. For me, Friends are like your shoulder for you to cry on when you feel sad and weak and share your happiness when you feel happy. In my school life I had lot of fun with my friends. I can never forget the time when we had play together in the school yard and gone for shopping.

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We had lot of sharing regarding our dreams and ambitions. My life was very colorful and beautiful with them. School life was the best time in my life where I learnt so many things. I developed my hobbies and skills through my school activities.

I learnt both social and academic knowledge while I was in school. I learnt how to work in groups and individually. I was an average student, until 5th grade. After hard study I climbed on big step and got first division with highest mark among all students.

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That was a great achievement for me and felt extremely proud of myself. After that I always stand in first rank in my class. In 8th grade and 10th grade, I got district top in board examination, which was other great achievement and historical record for me and for my school.

I used to participate in several competition, and mostly, I always stand on 1st rank. So, that one is my great achievement too. These were the basics of my life and as I grew I learnt so many other things and have deeper thoughts about life. I consider my school time as the best time ,because my life was carefree during that time. No tensions in life and that time I developed my imaginations and dreams to chase. I had nothing to do with the whole world as I had already developed my world in my imaginations.

School time was precious for me because it marked dramatic change in my life. I got not only physical growth but also mental growth as well. School life was totally different from university life and adult life. In university life I have to put those school memories behind and have to face the new environment. I feel now my life is with full of complexities as I need to work and study together to make my career which is tough for me as I don’t get enough time for myself but I have to do to make my future career.

My life is not as free as it was in my school time. After I graduate from university I have to look for a job and earn money to raise my family. I feel like my adult time will be with full of complexities too. In conclusion, I want to say that my school life was the great time of my life where I felt extremely proud of myself. Because school life only happens one time in everybody life, so it is very precious. School life will teach you all kind of happiness, sadness and other emotions , so one should enjoy their school life fully.

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A Time When I Felt Extremely Proud of Myself

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