My Favorite Hobby of Felt Sewing and Love for the Sewing Projects

My favorite craft and hobby is felt sewing. I like to work with it, because you can do anything from a small little plush to a more time investing project. For example, mobiles or wall deco, You can also create your own project without using a pattern. Another great aspect of sewing felt is that you really don’t need much money or material to do wonderful projects. However, if you are planning on doing more complex projects, you may need to get additional material.

The material you would need to make felt sewing projects includes: wool felt, thread and a needle. Wool felt is an easy to work with textile made from natural wool fiber, a process in which the wool fibers are compressed tightly togethert.

Wool felt is available as pure wool and/or wool blends, combined with rayon or completely synthetic. There are a lot of hand sewing projects that are perfect for felt, however sew the felt board and make small pushes it is one of the best known crafts you can make with felt.

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People usually use the well-known “blanket stitch”, it‘s a technique where you sew the felt together securing one piece of fabric to anotheri. The blanket stitch is one of the most used stitches for felt sewing especially because it’s very decorative. However, other decorative stitches can be used to work with felt such as the backstitch or the running stitch. Felt sewing is my favorite craft to handmade. I love the projects that can be done with it.

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I like how easy it is to work with this material, and also relaxes me to work on my projects when I’ve had a difficult day. Felt is a very cheap material too, so you don’t have to expend hundreds of dollars trying to make your creations.

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