Essays on Dialogue

Ten Commandments
Words • 1449
Pages • 6
Introduction Hale begins to question Proctor about the 'Christian character' of his house to which Proctor simply replies that he has 'no fears of questions'. Miller is setting up the audience, at this point, for a major dramatic climax in the scene. Despite his 'no fears' comment, John appears uneasy when asked and tries to avoid questions of religious awareness and belief. Miller has planted hesitation in this play, like mines in a minefield; the most are trodden on in…...
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Romeo & Juliet: Use of Dialogue and Manipulation
Words • 1034
Pages • 5
It begins with Romeo leaving Juliet's bedroom passing through the window, and Juliet is petitioning him to stay. She is cautious of him being caught, but he seems to not have a care in the world, and acts in a carefree manner, as if he is almost unaware of the danger he is placing himself in. He is finally convinced to leave by the Nurse, who warns them both that Juliet's mother is looking for her. Juliet's mother then begins…...
DialogueRomeo And Juliet
Realistic dialogue
Words • 868
Pages • 4
Introduction Throughout the play 'All My Sons' Arthur Miller does create a fairly realistic dialogue on which to base the play. There is nothing that could be argued to be completely out of the ordinary about the play and to a certain extent all of the content is believable due to the fact that the play itself is wholly about a family that, to begin with seems to be the typical 'happy' family and as the play continues the audience…...
All My SonsDialogue
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Pride and Prejudice Narrative Techniques in the Dialogue between Jane and Elizabeth
Words • 905
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Narrative essays
The passage focuses on the conversation between Elizabeth and Jane days after they received news about the departure of the Bingleys and Darcy. In this essay, I will explore the themes, the narrative techniques used and the tone of the involved characters. Austen’s dramatic form of writing is an attractive feature of Pride and Prejudice. The novel is ‘dialogic’ in nature; the dialogue between Jane and Elizabeth is a representation of their personalities and characters and Austen has purposefully juxtaposed…...
DialoguePride And Prejudice
Melian Dialogue
Words • 963
Pages • 4
Throughout the Peloponnesian war, the island of Melos had managed to remain neutral, while refusing to become a subject of Athens. However, as the war progressed, Athens closed in on the island, which responded with hostility. The Athenians the in a frank manner suitable to their bold nature, offered the Melians an ultimatum that was essentially to surrender and pay tribute to Athens, or be conquered and destroyed. Throughout the dialogue that commenced between the Melians and the Athenians, the…...
Comparison of the Three Sisters and Antigone
Words • 1014
Pages • 5
In the plays The Three Sisters by Anton Chekov and Antigone by Sophocles, dialogue plays a key role in the characterization of the protagonists, because dialogue can act as a form of indirect characterization. The Three Sisters is a play set in the early 1900s, and is about three sisters who try to lead meaningful lives which are surrounded by people constantly distracting them from the passage of time and their longing to return to their home country of Moscow.…...
The Rebirth of Dialogue: Bakhtin, Socrates, and the Rhetorical Tradition
Words • 2347
Pages • 10
Plato wrote dialogues. Mikhail Bakthin constructed a literary theory based on dialogue. And as part of this theoretical work, Bakhtin interpreted the dialogues of Plato. Rhetorical scholars have always been interested in Plato; recently, they have shown considerable interest in Bakhtin as well. Surely, then, someone has already undertaken a systematic study of Plato and Bakhtin. No. Not until now. James P. Zappen's The Rebirth of Dialogue: Bakhtin, Socrates, and the Rhetorical Tradition is the first book-length analysis, and synthesis,…...
Characterization through Dialogue in Hemingway’s Works
Words • 626
Pages • 3
Alan Pryce-Jones (qtd. in Lamb 453) stated to describe the creative contribution of Ernest Hemingway in Literature that it is “his innovative dialogue might turn out to be his enduring memorial as a writer.” On the other hand, Elizabeth Bowen (qtd. in Lamb 454-455) said that dialogue in short stories or novels should copy as much as possible several “realistic qualities” of a conversation, namely: spontaneity, ambiguity, artlessness, allusiveness, irreverence, and erraticness. She further adds that the use of dialogue…...
Fight Club Dialogue Analysis
Words • 1524
Pages • 7
Every so often, a film comes along that shocks people and forces them to acknowledge issues and realities that are normally taboo in open society and are fodder for conversations with therapists. The film "Fight Club" (1999) directed by David Fincher is just one of these films. How do people react when challenged to question the purpose and perspective of their lives as influenced by society, isolation, fear, survival and their own vulnerability and mortality? Narrator: This chick Marla singer…...
Free Will and Determinism
Words • 2776
Pages • 12
Before one can properly evaluate the entire debate that enshrouds the Free Will/Determinism, each term must have a meaning, but before we explore the meaning of each term, we must give a general definition. Determinism is, "Everything that happens is caused to happen. (Clifford Williams. "Free Will and Determinism: A Dialogue" pg 3). This is the position that Daniel, a character in Williams' dialogue, chooses to believe and defend. David Hume goes a little deeper and explains in his essay,…...
DialogueFree WillPhilosophy
Dialogue “At the Travel Agency”
Words • 1497
Pages • 6
L – Travel agent O– Fiancé S – Fiancée O – Hello. L – Good afternoon. Welcome to our travel agency. How can I help you? S – Hi! Oh! I’m so excited! We have our wedding in four weeks. I can’t help thinking of our living together. I assure you John, you’ll have the best wife in the world. O – Honey, I have no doubts about it, but let’s proceed to the main question. Mrs..? L – Not…...
Dialogue “Healthy Lifestyle”
Words • 1288
Pages • 6
S - 1st friend O - 2nd friend L - 3rd friend S: Hey? Guys! How are you? O: Oh, hi! I'm fine, thank you. L: Me too. What about you? S: I'm in the green! You know I've changed my life in some ways according to an article. Oh, have you read this article? O: Which one do you mean? L: Oh, probably I've understood what Sveta is talking about. You mean the article in our university newspaper about…...
DialogueHealthHealthy Lifestyle
Socrates Philosophy in Meno Dialogue
Words • 510
Pages • 3
Meno is among the Socratic dialogues that were inscribed by Plato early in the Fourth Century B. C in Greece. Plato wrote the article in an attempt to determine the befitting definition of virtue as he understood it. He wanted to come with a common meaning of virtue which applied evenly to every particular virtue; this he succeeds with the use of the dialogue between Socrates and Meno. The dialogue between Meno and Socrates tries to define what aspects makes…...
Interfaith Dialogue in a Multi Faith Australia
Words • 278
Pages • 2
Australia is a multi cultural country consisting of a vast array of ethnically and consistently varied peoples, permitting benefits for Australian society. However, it can pose a prospective difficulty to social harmony and cohesion because to one faith the concept of what is afraid or crucial may contrast totally with another. Interfaith discussion is therefore an effective approach for avoiding such clashes. It is a movement intended towards promoting and comprehending different spiritual customs, and to clear up any misconceptions…...
Dramatic Dialogue Analysis
Words • 2442
Pages • 10
Language is a natural process of living. It plays a great part in our lives. Its effects are remarkable, and include much of what distinguishes man from animals. We use it to interact with one another, to construct and maintain our interpersonal relations and order. In doing so, we interpret and represent the world for one another and for ourselves. Language is used to store the experiences built up, both personal and collective. It is a tool for constructing knowledge…...
Social Philosophy of Martin Buber
Words • 2138
Pages • 9
Martin Buber was an educator and a Jewish philosopher. He had a great significant in the broad phenomena of the pedagogical ideas that rose during the early years. His main idea and contribution was in the concept of social dialogue. He had an understanding of pedagogical linkage to the idea of persuasive dialogue which provides a rational learning perspective. In his philosophy, Buber often stressed on the individualism of the human beings which encompasses the aspect of spiritual dialogue with…...
Characters in Chinua Achebe’s Books
Words • 886
Pages • 4
Chinua Achebe shows the custom, especially, African values and attitudes through his characters in his novel, Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo is an ideal Ibo man who achieves wealth and fame out of nothing, but this causes him to be conceited and disdainful of less successful. Pride is a noble quality that man should have, but sometimes, when the source of that pride is fear and insecurity instead of true faith in oneself, pride could be destructive. In the book, Chinua…...
Theology and Christian Views in Dialogue with Trypho
Words • 1188
Pages • 5
In his work "Dialogue with Trypho" Justin Martyr in a form of a dialogue presents the views quite contrary to what it is usually taught. A well-known idea of Jews being the chosen nation favored by God is rejected. Justin Martyr is trying to find logic underneath God's wrath, and his line of argumentation, based on analysis of the Old Testament, does emphasize the idea that Jews were punished by Mosaic rules for improper behavior. Jews are the chosen nation…...
“Bonny Barbara Allan” a Typical Ballad
Words • 674
Pages • 3
To this day, ballads are still enjoyed by some individuals; many generations ago they were at the very heart of amusement. Passed on orally, they centred such interesting subjects as tragic love. Typically, although ballads are fairly simple, in that they do not tend to focus on characterization, they have a rapid dialogue, and are usually in the form of quatrains, and rhyming in abcb. As a traditional ballad "Bonny Barbara Allan" employs these traditional qualities and conventions: it is…...
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Rizal’s Continuing Dialogue
Words • 990
Pages • 4
The article shares the ideas and opinions in dialogues that usually represent conflicting views about Dr. Jose Rizal. Even though he is our national hero we still feel in need of a continuing dialogue on his ideas, principles and convictions. We know him as a profound thinker and a great doer who love our country and had remarkable patriotism. For that he was called the “First Filipino.” But there are still a lot of queries that still need an answer…...
Shared Values and Beliefs in Organisational Dialouge
Words • 1693
Pages • 7
A range of authors (e.g. Gerard and Ellinor 2001; Isaacs 1993, 1999; Schein 1993; Senge 1995) suggest that dialogue can positively transform organizational cultures. In organization people spend 80 percent of their time to communicate (The British Psychological Society 2012). Communication is a key tool to share information, foster different opinions and build alignment and trust. According to Gerard & Teurfs (1995), the process of dialogue is an invitation to create organization cultures through conversations. It acts as a learning…...
Belonging Creative Writing
Words • 1036
Pages • 5
Frame the story with comparable characters/ setting/ symbol/ remark at beginning and ending Use a restricted amount of time = sense of urgency (24 hr, one morning, a season, a term, an interview) taking off a minute-- 15 minutes Use a single context or setting Explore no more than 2 essences re belonging Focus on moments and feelings Have a 'twist' at the end Program don't inform (' She smiles' = belonging, without more remark() Usage flash backs and flash…...
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