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Anxiety essay samples

Some people find themselves asking, “What is the difference between fear and anxiety? Aren’t they practically the same thing?” Although anxiety involves a fearful feeling, the two couldn’t be more different. In Stanley Rachman’s book titled Anxiety, he explains, “The term “fear” is used to describe a reaction to perceived danger, to an identifiable threat such as a poisonous snake. Fear has a specific focus and it is controlled or determined by perceivable events or stimuli. When experiencing anxiety, one might have difficulty in identifying the cause of that uneasy tension. Unlike fear, it is not so obviously determined; it is typically unpredictable and uncontrollable” (Rachman, Anxiety 3). This summarizes the fact that fear comes from a specific instance, while anxiety has an absent purpose. For example, a person feels fear when they are afraid of something specific, but a person can feel anxiety out of nowhere for no specific reason.

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Anxiety Progressing Issue in Today’s World

Just as the world has changed and progressed over time, anxiety has done so as well. This disorder has not necessarily changed over time, but it had fluctuated due to different occurrences in history. For example, people that live in a place that had recently been experiencing hurricanes hold more anxiety than other people that live in areas far from such trauma. In Cheryl Winning Ghinassi’s book Anxiety, she states, “those directly affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 showed a much higher incidence of general anxiety disorders” (Ghinassi, Anxiety 50). Anxiety was also at a greater rate in history throughout discrimination. Ghinassi explains, “In the United States, African Americans and Hispanic Americans appear to suffer from general anxiety disorders more than the Caucasian population” (Ghinassi, Anxiety 50).

The Importance of Discussing Anxiety

To Conclude, when viewing the seriousness that this disorder holds, it remains crucial to comprehend how many people suffer from it and the different types, how it differs from the concept of fear, and how it corresponds to occurrences throughout history. Anxiety has no purpose. It cannot be controlled or measured.

Anxiety is worthy of discussion because it will only grow, and it will grow in our children. If anxiety is ignored and left untreated, it can result in serious consequences that change the course of a person’s life for the worse. So many people in the world today suffer from this controlling disorder. There have been many statistics and tests done to pinpoint why anxiety exists in some people, but not all. Who knows what anxiety will be next year, or in one hundred years.

Anxiety has no purpose, it just exists. But maybe it makes us stronger. Maybe anxiety was always meant to exercise the brain so that we can grow from our insecurities. As long as it exists, we will never fully understand this disorder, but believing that it is a serious condition worth discussing is a start.

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