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Civil war is a war between conflicting groups within a country’s territory. Notable examples include the American Civil War and the war between the Tutsis and the Hutu. 

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The civil war in Burundi has had a serious impact on hunger for the people because there is a reduced work force, the destruction of buildings limit access to food and jobs, and a great number of livestock were killed. The civil war in Burundi was a brutal conflict that started on October 21 1993. The cause of the war was because of racial tensions that the Tutsis and the Hutu had. The Hutu’s killed 500’000 to 1,000,000 innocent Tutsis and they did it without any mercy and it’s even said that they slaughtered them. This wasn’t the end and the Hutu would continue to slaughter hundreds of Tutsis and they did this several times. And then when the president of the Hutu: president Ntayamira was in a plane it was shot down and nobody survived. It’s not know if it was the Tutsis that shot it down but they are a huge suspect.

Radio Station in Rwanda

It was even theorized that it was a bunch of Hutu themselves that shot down the plane to then try pinning the blame on the Tutsis. Then soon after, a radio station in Rwanda broadcasted a message to the Hutu to kill all of Tutsis without hesitation. During the civil war the Tutsis and the Hutu said that the would shoot visitors or people on vacation without hesitation in fear because they didn’t want to take a chance that the people visiting were working with the enemy. The war not only made thousands of people lose their lives but also made thousands of people flee and have to run away and never look back. While the civil war went on for a long time it did finally end in 2006 when a cease fire agreement was made and the war ended.

There are many people that died and affected hunger. Even though many of the people who died in the civil war are just considered normal people they did really affect hunger. There were a lot of people that were farmers and since there were so many farmers that died so much food went away because of the farmers death. There was also many parents who died and because some of the kids couldn’t had to go get the food themselves or couldn’t get the food at all. Also there were a lot of people who sold the food but since they were killed there was no one to buy the food from.

Being Destroyed

Even just the buildings in the civil war being destroyed caused a huge effect for the country. Some of the buildings were used as places to get food and even market places got destroyed so a lot of food went to waste or got destroyed. There was also buildings that people worked in and if those buildings got destroyed you have no more places to work and you have no more ways to provide for your family. There was also the fact that the buildings were collapsing and being destroyed so not only were market places and stores being destroyed but people were also dying from this. There were so many buildings destroyed that there are some that haven’t been repaired yet.

The animals also affected the hunger in Burundi a lot. There were many types of animals that were let loose like: pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, cows, and even fish. The animals were getting hurt from the fight, getting lost or even getting killed and eaten by people who needed the food. There were times where they just got away and never came back and since a lot of the animals got away there were a lot of people who lost their source of food and their source of money just because the animals got away. Many animals were used as sources of food and income and thanks to the civil war they were either killed or let loose and there was nothing the people could do about it.

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