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Does religion cause war
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War is an organized and often prolonged conflict that is carried out by states or non-state actors. It is generally characterised by extreme violence, social disruption and economic destruction. War should be understood as an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities, and therefore is defined as a form of political violence or intervention. The set of techniques used by a group to carry out war is known as warfare. An absence of war is usually called peace.…...
BeliefChristianityCultureReligionThe CrusadesWar
The Purpose of the Crusades from 1096 AD to 1270 AD
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The Crusades are considered as an integral part of World History.  They were crucial events for Islam and Christendom alike.  What are the Crusades all about? Why did they occur? What was its purpose?  This research paper aims to discuss the definition, origin and most importantly, the purpose of the Crusades. Definition of Crusade             The Crusades are military excursions with a religious objective, as these are sanctioned by the Pope and the Church (Sloan, 2000; “Crusades–Battles,” 2008).  Originally, the…...
The Crusades
Cause and Effect the Crusades
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In the High Middle Ages of the year 1095, Seljuk Turks stormed into Baghdad taking Jerusalem with them. They ravaged the towns and conquered all of Asian Minor from the Byzantine Greeks. Christian lands were burned and pillaged by an accursed race. The Byzantine emperor was in a state of emergency and requested help to fight against these people. The pope responded with a new kind of fighters to defend the lands. He called on the knights of Christendom to…...
Cause And EffectReligious IntoleranceThe Crusades
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The Crusades: Christianity and Islam
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The Crusades were a series of wars that were fought by Christians for religious cause, to obtain the Holy Land, and mainly attack upon infidels. “The Crusades began in 1095 after Seljuk Turks took control of Jerusalem and began restricting access to Christian pilgrims. Pope Urban II called for a Christian army to retake the city from its Muslim rulers” (BBC News). The crusades brought both positive and negative influence to the people, it also brought culture diffusion. People were…...
Byzantine EmpireChristianityEuropeIslamMiddle AgesThe Crusades
The cause and effect of the first crusade
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An Examination of the Causes and Success of The First CrusadeReligion has served mankind for thousands of years in our search for meaning and direction. Religion serves as a way of defining our lives and providing a sense of meaning or direction, having done so since the beginning of time. While religion may appear to be a peaceful endeavor, it is an endless source of violence and bloodshed. The duality of religion is accurately portrayed in the Christian crusades. The…...
Cause And EffectThe Crusades
Exploring The Plot And Subplot of “The Castle”
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The Castle starts just after the men of a town have returned from fighting in one of the crusades. It would appear from their reactions that none of them expected much to have changed whilst they were away however they are shocked or even appalled to discover just what the women got up to when their backs were turned, most notably the abolition of the church and the lack of social status, the men clearly are not used to everyone…...
PlotThe Crusades
The Seventh Seal
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The infamous movie The Seventh Seal tells a tale of of a knight named Antonius Block and his squire Jons who are returning from the Crusades back to their home country of Sweden, where the black plague has struck. There Block is confronted by Death and convinces him to play a game of chess to delay his death in hopes of doing one meaningful deed before dying. The movie opens up with quotes from The Revelations which informs the audience…...
The Act of Supremacy 1534
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The primary source I chose to research is The Act of Supremacy (1534). This was an act passed by the English Parliament establishing the English monarch, which at the time was Henry Tudor VIII, as the head of state and religious head of the Church of England. Although there is always some glamorization in the writing and depiction of historically based movies, I enjoyed both “The Other Boleyn Girl” and the cable series “The Tudors”. I found Henry VIII quite…...
ChurchEnglishHistoryPopeThe Crusades
Reasons of The Unjustified Crusades
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During the middle ages, there have been multiple crusades that happened all over the Middle East. The Crusades were missions led by nobles. All of these crusades were meant to liberate and conquer Jerusalem or also called “The Holy City”. The first crusade out of the four main crusades came out as a success. The first crusade did conquer Jerusalem at first until it was taken back from them. The other three main crusades ended up as a failure, but…...
ReasonReligionThe Crusades
Fulcher of Chartes: Pope Urban’s Speech at Clermont
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As the crusades started, Christians collected to hear the insightful speech given by Pope Urban II in which he was able take unruly knights and offer them a typical opponent to combat. The opponents were the Muslims and Turks who were assaulting the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Land. Urban II's speech offered insights to the knightly class who were participating in military tendencies and encouraged them to assist people in need. On November 27, 1095, Pope Urban II began…...
Byzantine EmpireMan Alexander PopeMiddle AgesPopeThe Crusades
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