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American Revolution
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After the American Revolution, Americans, who had just broken free from the British, completely changed their politics, economy and society. The Founders decided to change how they wanted to run their society, even though, in the end, they went back to a more powerful federal government like Britain. Most people’s daily lives didn’t change much but the principles from the revolution made some try to look for better financial opportunities. Women, slaves, and loyalists were changed a lot in society.…...
Abigail AdamsAmerican RevolutionJames MadisonLexington and ConcordSlaveryThe Federalist Papers
Battle of Lexington and Concord
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The first problem between the British and the Americans happened on April 19,1775 in Massachusetts. General Thomas Gage wanted his men to ruin all of the Americans supplies and guns that were placed in Concord. He also wanted John Hancock and Sameul Adams to be arrested. Joseph Waren figured out Gage’s plan. He immediately called for William Dawes and Paul Revere to go to Concord and warn the minutemen to be ready. The two of them split up along the…...
Lexington and Concord
Lexington and Concord, Who Fired First?
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The battle that was fought at Lexington and Concord was seen all across America as “The shot heard around the world” or the beginning to the American Revolution. It is truly began the war between America and Britain, especially from the rage created by the battle. But to tell who exactly fired first to start this event is really unclear in some minds. But in perspective, the British were the ones who most likely set the spark aflame because they…...
Lexington and ConcordMilitary
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Who Fired First at Lexington and Concord?
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The date is April 19, 1775 and the Revolutionary War has begun. Nevertheless, there is already another controversy. Who fired first at Lexington and Concord? An illustration of the Battle at Lexington and affidavits from American and British men can help solve this question. The British fired first at Lexington because American troops were told to disperse and not have any sort of contact or fight with the British when they were sighted, Commander Parker’s and Lieutenant Gould’s affidavits are…...
Lexington and Concord
Jefferson’s Justification for the American Revolution
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Even after fighting in the American Revolutionary War began at Lexington and Concord in April 1775, most colonists still hoped for reconciliation with Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson saw a need to justify this revolution in the eyes of the people. He, and other founding fathers, knew that for this revolt to be successful, all thirteen colonies and their citizens must be united in a common goal. For Jefferson to achieve unity amongst the colonists, he had to show that violations…...
American RevolutionFounding FathersGovernmentLawLexington and ConcordPolitics
American Revolution Notes: Radical or Moderate
Words • 1821
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Some historians argue that the Revolution was solely aimed at achieving the limited goal of independence from Britain. There was a consensus among the Americans about keeping things as they were once the break from Britain had been accomplished The Revolution was inevitably viewed as a struggle of liberty versus tyranny between America and Britain. The Revolution was “radical in its character,” according to Bancroft, because it hastened the advance of human beings toward a millennium of “everlasting peace” and…...
American RevolutionColonialismLexington and ConcordLibertyNationalismPolitics
American Revolution Accelerated evolution vs Cataclysmic revolution
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The American Revolution was an accelerated evolution rather than a cataclysmic revolution to a certain point. An accelerated evolution is a rapid process of growth and change, while a cataclysmic revolution is a sudden and violent event that brings great changes. The extent to which the American Revolution was an accelerated evolution was during events that completely disregarded the government. When considered politically, economically and socially the extent to which the American Revolution was an accelerated evolution, instead of a…...
American RevolutionBoston Tea PartyLexington and ConcordThe French And Indian WarThe Stamp Act
How Did America Win the Revolutionary War?
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Name: The American Revolution: The Upset of the Eighteenth Century Part A “How did it happen that thirteen colonies on the fringe of civilization, as it were with perhaps half a million males of fighting age, without military resources without leaders, without even a national government, a national army, a national treasure, brought the mightiest of European powers to its knees, and wrung from it concessions beyond the greed of conquerors?” This summary explains the attitude of most English and,…...
American RevolutionLexington and Concord
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Lexington and Concord, Who Fired First?
...And it is for these reasons and supporting facts that I believe it was the British were the ones to first fire at the American militia. Even though there is no true way of finding out with the existing known facts of whose actual fault it was, the de...
Who Fired First at Lexington and Concord?
...Edward Gould, a British soldier, and his affidavit can help strengthen the fact that the British fired first at Lexington. Although Gould did say that he didn’t know who shot first, he did say that at Lexington, his troops sighted Americans and rus...
How Did America Win the Revolutionary War?
...Think about the factors that explain the American victory in the American Revolution. Place the six possible reasons for the colonial victory in order of importance. (1 being the most important and 6 being the least important). For each one, you must...

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