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Freedom of speech essay samples

Freedom of speech is a popular term that is known by all various kinds. The black Americans spent the majority of their years fighting for it. For a very long time, they were considered an inferior race and were not allowed to take part in a majority of the decision-making. The efforts of liberators paid off as they were slowly allowed to have the freedom of speech. However, this freedom has been misused in an equal measure. Words have been spoken without caring about the harm they would have on another person. This is evident in social media in our daily lives. Politicians have used this freedom to spread hate speech and animosity between tribes and religions. This has led to war between various communities that once lived in harmony.

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Pamela Geller Abusing Amendment 1

Social media has been used to spread and promote the agenda that the terrorists and the organizations should be linked to the Islam religion. Pamela Geller is a journalist who organized strong demonstrations against the Muslim faithful in Texas (Parker, n.d). She did this by using a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. This angered the Muslim congregation who viewed this as ridicule to their religion. The prophet is a figure that is admired and respected in equal measure in the islamic world. Despite Pamela having the freedom as per Amendment one, her actions were an outright abuse of it. Besides she did this to link the terrorism activities with with Islamic religion. Besides, the burning of the Koran by Pastor Terry Jones is an abuse of the first amendment. The sharing of the pictures of such an act was malicious and had ill intent. The pastor has been assigned a respectable docket in the Christianity world.

Christians vs Muslims Conflict

The Koran is a book that outlines the various rules and guidelines in the Islamic religion. Members of the different faiths have to respect the views of those who do not profess to their faith. The action of the pastor may cause hatred between the Christians and the Muslims. This would be a threat to the peace between members of the two religions and may create wars like the ones witnessed in Nigeria. Human beings have existed in harmony for a very long time. This can be attributed to the fact that people understood the diversity and the differences that existed. Since we are all spiritual beings. We profess to an absolute faith or philosophies of Atheism. However, members of a religion should not use the freedom enshrined in amendment one to slander and libel other religions. The issue of terrorism caused by radicalized youths affects the whole society including the Muslims. The fact that the terrorists claim to follow the Jihad doctrine should never be misunderstood to mean that islam supports terrorism. Pamela’s and the pastor’s actions are an outright abuse of the freedom of speech. Such actions call for the need to reassess amendment one and take high measures to individuals who deny it.

FAQ about Freedom Of Speech

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