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Golden Jubilee Speech

Categories: Freedom Of Speech

My dear golden jubiliarian, dear teachers the past and the present, friends, well wishers, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am more than conscious at the moment of the importance of celebration. A celebration that calls us all to rejoice over the marvelous deeds worked by God through this simple, humble and dedicated teacher. God has purpose for all of us and here we see someone who completely cooperated with God and put all his trust in Him. It has been a pretty remarkable fifty years by any standards.

There have been ups and downs, but anyone who can remember what things were like after those ten long years of service as a Principal of this institute, appreciates what immense changes have been achieved since then. This is only one example of the many. He has contributed to the growth of each institution in his own capacity. All I admire in this simple and frail man is this “His stanch faith in God and devotion to Mother Mary”.

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50 years are a very, very long period. Life must have been surely tough those days and yet, worked his way through. But his untiring quest for serving in various capacities is quite amazing.

We call him dearly “Achan” and he qualifies that very well. The amount of love and admiration this person draws from teachers, students, coworkers, friends etc. , is overwhelming and I am really moved. I am quite convinced that he is leaving his footprints in the sands of time and he’ll be remembered always.

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Let us also remember and pray for those people who made an invaluable contribution in his life to be what he is today especially his parents and the school in particular. Let us celebrate and enjoy this moment and pray that God may bless him more and more that he may find a great sense of satisfaction in the years to come. God bless you.

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Golden Jubilee Speech

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