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Everyone Should Have the Right to Have Freedom
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Pages • 2
When you think of the word freedom many things are flying or spinning around your head. When you compare freedom to captivity, there is a huge gap of difference in between. Freedom is where you have color in your life. You live with your family and friends and have the right to speak up, with nothing holding you back. When you don’t have freedom you have no color in your life, it is so dark and cold. You are apart…...
FreedomFreedom Of Life
Freedom to Live Life 
Words • 1537
Pages • 6
Being unable to move around in school, unable to walk up three simple steps to get to work, and live life to its fullest… result because the world was not necessarily designed to comply with the needs of physically disabled people. Most people have the ability to walk, run, and maneuver swiftly and easily. But for the many disabled people around the world, unfortunately, it is the exact opposite. Most of the handicap population is able to modify their personal…...
FreedomFreedom Of Life
Freedom Of Life in Living Like Weasels
Words • 670
Pages • 3
In “Living Like Weasels,” author Annie Dillard’s idea is that humans can benefit from living wild as a weasel. I strongly agree because to live wild like a weasel is to live mindless, free and focused. With these living abilities we as humans will be able get closer to our aspirations in life and do whatever means necessary to get there. Achieving our goals would be easiest if we were to live mindlessly. Living without a mind one wouldn’t have…...
Annie DillardFreedom Of Life
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