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Video games are better than reality, they’re an amazing pass time, and a ton of fun anyone can play them and everyone has fun playing them. Today we have 10,000 dollar PCs that run games at specs that would have made someone from 30 years ago think you’re a time traveler from the future. Today we have billion-dollar companies that produce life-like games that feel amusive and take you away from your sad reality and take you to a utopia where you could do whatever your heart desires without worrying about consequences like stress, death, starvation all problems that exist, (unless you’re playing a game designed to put you through that). Video game consoles have been around for a long time and it’s for the same reason there is a ton of fun and are enjoyed by millions. Many people believe that their child is addicted to video games and they might not be wrong. Video games are a great pass time because they are a ton of fun and can distract you from the real world. Many people share the same mindset with video games as I do. Since they have been around for such a long time, old and young people can enjoy them.

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