Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems

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I can remember from a young age I would always here about how video games are bad for you. I was around ten when my mom would say “go outside and do something productive with your time”. Video games can appeal to just about any age and does not discriminate against anyone who plays it. The stereotypes surrounding video games have people believing that video games are a waste of time and can lead to violent behavior. This popular opinion was expressed by Governor Dan Patrick who said “we have always had guns.

We have always had evil. But what's changed where we see this rash of shooting? I see a video game industry that teaches young people to kill”. we also have big TV anchors after the wake of the unfortunate el Paso shooting such as Jon Scott saying “people raise on a diet of violent video games- if they actually start pulling the trigger of a real weapon they see the real death and they find it not as satisfying as it was when they are playing on a television”.

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This fear mongering by politicians and local TV personalities has parents afraid to let their children play video games even though there have been studies that prove video games in moderation can be a good thing for young children even adults too.

“Don’t sit too close to the television” was a phrase commonly used by my parents and most parents in the world with nothing to support that claim.

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scientists have done research and found out that video games in moderation could come to benefit the person in the long run. there was a 10-week study that was held that helped the players differentiate different shades of grey. another test that was held had players only use their lazy eye with the good one covered up and the players that used their lazy eye had showed significant improvement from the eye.

Another surprising thing about video games is they can make you a better leader and communicator, because of certain games like overwatch, halo, and call of duty you are forced to work together as a team to solve a certain problem or complete a certain objective. just like in real life you can use the skills you got from the game and apply them to your daily life. researchers have found that players are more likely to find the motivation to get real world problems done. improvising in a fast-paced game could also help to be faster in the office if an event ever needed you to be.

Video games have helped me meet some of my closest friends and stay in touch with friends that moved farther away when they went off to college. online gaming can help you meet people from all over the world that you would never meet or talk to. There is always something going on in the game which leads to constant communications between the players as well as meaningful conversations which help build up the relationship of the players even more. this all helps people meet new players to game with or will strengthen the bond with older friends you know.

There is no evidence that video games cause violent behavior that a 2010 survey from psychology of popular media culture found that 49% of adults believe that violent games can inspire some people to commit real life crime. Video games can be so much more beneficial than people give it credit for, whether it be making you a better leader or helping improve your vision or forming connections with people you would have not met without video games. Video games in moderation can be beneficial to society and should not be blamed for actions committed by the individuals just playing the game.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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