Violent Video Games Bad?

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The video games phenomenon is somewhat new in this modern society. Although they often to be entertaining, the contents have become more violent and disturbing as computing technology has become much more advanced. These days, the popularity of violent video games has caused an increase in controversy. Parents and experts feel that some games are just too violent and they think that the violent will spill over into the real world. However, I strongly believe violent video games do not cause an increase in aggression in adolescents.

In fact in many ways violent video games benefit the children that are playing them. Besides the violent contents video games have several positive aspects. Based on my experience video games can push children's competence to the limit by forcing them to master certain ability to overcome the obstacles in the level. For example, "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" series have become one of the games that require a solid teamwork. The player acts as the leader of an elite anti-terrorist squad consist of 3-4 members.

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At the beginning of the game players can choose how to infiltrate the terrorist compound; either by planting an explosive on the door, using a fast rope from the rooftop, or simply breaching into several doors to create a surprise assault. These options will ignite the sense of logical thinking, and strategy formations in which formal education does not offer. Although on the other hand some people already know some of the positive aspects of video games they still believe that the negative will overcome the positive ones.

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Some people believe that the connection between violent games, and real violence is also fairly intuitive. In playing the games kids are likely to become desensitized to gory images;which could make them less disturbing, and perhaps easier to deal with in real life. While video games aren't about violence their capacity to teach can be a good thing. Though violent video games might expose children to violent behavior the amount of violence are not as great as the ones in movies, and television. The news is filled with stories of war, and murder.

Nearly every movie contains some forms of violence. Plus these two media are different from games in a very important way because they involve real people, not computer-generated characters. Many people argue that their children waste their time inside playing these games, but while time spent outside is good time spent playing games isn't wasted; violent video games actually improve reflexes, reaction time, and fine motor skills. Therefore giving kids that play games some advantages that other kids doesn't have.

Aside from the aspects video games are also the tool of social interactions. Friendships can sometimes be developed through playing video games,and ultimately keeping them away from drug usage, and violent activities. Most of the video games today have either multiplayer, or online capabilities. For example, I made several gaming friends from playing Call of duty modern warfare 3 online. The game focuses on eliminating the other team;hence teamwork has a major role in succeeding the game.

With a headset , my team members, and I plan a strategy effectively;and sometimes talk about our backgrounds. Personally meeting lots of people online can help develop team work as well as developing social skills because for some people starting a conversation with a stranger can be really tough. In general video games is an astonishing tool to keep children entertained during leisure time. So in conclusion, violence in video games is shown to be harmless and in some cases it may even help you. It has no effects on violence in real life, and can possibly save your life one day.

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