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Violent Video Games

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Do you know Call of Duty? It has swept the world. There are so many people playing this game which has been issued to its ninth part. In the world, more and more people are attracted to video games which are about shooting or other violent actions like Call of Duty. On the one hand, this kind of video games is so popular bacause the game makers make these games very attractive; on the other hand, nowdays, they have catered to people’s psychology which people want to be more stronger or sucessful than what they are like in the real world.

That’s not a good phenomenon.

The adults who play these games can distinguish the differences between the real world and the virtllal world. To the contrary, as to kids, the games are more likely to have a negative impact. We must say no to violent video games in order to protect the kids. Since the born of the video games, scientists have been doing researches about them.

Schaffer lists three kinds of research about the relationship between the violent video games and the ever-increasing aggression in his essay “Don’t Shoot: Why Video Games Really Are Linked to Violence”.

In the first one, it suggests that kids who are more immersed in violent video games may be more likely to get into physical fights, argue with teachers, or display anger and hostility(Page 162). There is no doubt that the violent video games have capable of corroding the brain, make kids more emotional and aggressive.

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Because of this invasiveness, the kids tend to be violent. According to the second one, it found that the kids who played more violent video games “changed over the school year to become more verbally aggressive, more physically aggressive,’’ and less helpful to others(Page 162).

The violent video games make people lack sympathy. They increase the suspicions to people. This research is credible credibility because it’s a longitudinal one. The third research is a contradistinctive research, whose object of study is the people in a violent and a nonviolent game. On the basis of this, the investigation personnel find that when the students go on to play the Myst (an adventure game in which players explore mazes and puzzles), the Wolfenstein 3-D are more likely to behave aggressively toward losing opponents (Page 162).

According to the research, the development of technology, especially in game domain, seems to do harm to our kids. More real the games are, more kids may bring the emotion which behaves bad effect into the present world. In a word, playing violent video games lead to insensitive about the violence. Violent games, novels, movies or violence media, the more vivid detailed description is , the easier to imitate, it is not only for children but adults! This has caused many social influence!

The big one like the United States aggression is more and more strong, the small one like the city’s crime rate is more than the country . Especially for people who are not self-discipline. Recently, the United States of America has occurred more and more these things. Many statements and exculpations of a suspect and defendant said they are under the influence of game to crime, and some crimes are also consistent with the content of the game. They mostly are teenegers. So it makes people believe that violent video games to people especially children will have adverse effects.

Effects of playing violent video games are like smoking. A cigarette will not cause lung cancer, but after a few weeks, months or even years, smoking will greatly increase the risk. It is the same, long time exposure to violent video games may have a cumulative effect on the offence. As Schaffer says, “Each of these approaches has its flaws’’(Page 162). Every research can’t fully explain the effect of violent video games on children. In fact, a far cry from the results of different groups, amplitude with tennis ball almost. Playing violent video games may not allow your child to become a psychopathic killer.

But we want to know what these children are going to treat their parents, how to deal with their brothers and sisters, they have much sympathy. Which one of three studies cannot separate out to prove that violent games can increase the violence of kids, and make kids more aggressive. But Schaffer explains, if we look the three kinds of research together, everyone of it prove a true relationship(Page 162). Of course, when we blame the violent video games, we can’t deny that the video games have it own advantages, like making friends, rich extracurricular life and o on. But in addition to games, family and self protection consciousness is one of the main factors resulting in people’s psychological unhealthy, when the society problems become more and more , more attention should be paid to these people’s inner world. All in all, in terms of the violent video games,the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. What we should do is let kids be far away from the violent video games. It’s very important to keep kids mental health. We don’t want our kids to be more vrtbslly aggressive and more physically aggressive.

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