Negative Effect of Video Games on Children

The Negtive Effects of Video Gaming on Kid don't need to buy a pricey gaming system to play computer game anymore, than can merely log onto the web through their personal computer or their handheld devices and they have an array of videogames to select from. Every time a kid pops a function playing videogame into their gaming console or logs onto the internet to play so called interactive video games, they get in a virtual world where there are no real consequences for their actions.

While playing violent computer game children can choose to play the violent roles of either cars and truck burglars or killers.

The more time a child spends playing video games the less time they spend taken part in regular social activities with their buddies. When a kid is allowed to spend hours a day playing video games, particularly violent function playing games, they can trigger them to end up being violent, socially isolated, and depressed.

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Very first individual function playing video games permit children to recognize with their character (Harding). The more time children spend as killing makers in the false truth of the video gaming world, the more desensitized they end up being to death and killing in the real world.

Studies have shown the more time children invest playing violent computer game, the more most likely they are to respond to real life situations with aggressiveness and violence (Gordon). A 2004 study released in the Journal of Adolescence found kids, especially teenagers, who played violent computer game are more likely to become aggressive, confrontational, and see a decrease in their academic performance (Harding).

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Enabling children to play violent video games is unworthy the danger they posture!

Children are exposed to sufficient violence through tv without the help of violent video games used to them over the internet and through popular video gaming systems. Computer game do not just expose children to violence they enable them to engage in it through the violent roles they allow them to play. Much of the functions kids play over the internet or through their video game consoles mimic real life situations where they can take and murder with no consequences.

Parents should not need to read the results of a study for them to realize that allowing their hild to play violent roles in video games, where they kill and steal, will encourage violent behavior from them in the real world. During September 2009 in Ohio a sixteen year old boy named Daniel Petric was forbidden by his father from buying the new version of the violent video game Halo that he was obsessed with. After being forbidden from buying the new version of the violent game Daniel snuck out of his house and bought it anyway. When Daniel’s father discovered he had disobeyed him, and bought the game, he took it away from him and locked it in his lockbox where he kept his gun.

Later that same night, sixteen year old Daniel unlocked his father’s lockbox to retrieve his game and found his father’s gun. After finding the gun Daniel went into his parent’s bedroom and shot both his father and mother in the killing them (Gordon). No one can say with absolute certainty that the video game Halo caused the boy to shoot his parents. One thing is obvious, if the boy’s account of events are to be believed, the game played a huge factor in his descion to murder his parents that evening. Violent behavior unfortunately is not the only negative effect from children playing video games to often.

A recent study by Douglas A Gentile, an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University found that children who spend several hours a day playing video games are at risk to become addicted to them. Once a child becomes addicted to their video game, their addiction can cause them to become depressed, anxious, and have social problems including social isolation (Gilmore). If a child is spending several hours a day gaming they can very easily become depressed. When a child spends most of their day playing video games they do not engage in normal healthy physical activity with their friends.

It makes sense that the more time a child spends isolated playing video games the more likely they are to become depressed. Children need to spend time interacting with their friends in order to develop normal social skills. When children isolate themselves playing videogames alone all day, they begin to lose their friends and social skills. Studies show that the depression caused from children pathologically playing video games can be easily lifted when they simply stop playing them (Frontelera). Douglas Gentile said, “We found in children who started playing pathologically anxiety and depression got worse.

And, when they stopped gaming the depression lifted” (qtd. in Gilmore). The idea that allowing a child to play his or her favorite video game for a couple hours a day can lead them to social isolation may sound farfetched, unfortunately it is not. The more time a child spends playing video games the less desire they have for one on one human contact. Although, children have the ability to interact with other players including their friends through the internet, their friends become part of the game itself and there is no real contact.

Children need to spend time in social environments with their peers in order to learn and maintain the social skills they need to navigate through life. When a child loses his or her social skills they quickly become isolated and depressed. Their isolation and depression can lead them to identify themselves more with the character they are playing in their videogame than their own real life. First person role playing games allow children to identify with their character. Studies have shown the more time teenagers spend playing violent videogames at home the more likely they are to respond to real world situations with aggression and violence.

A child’s imagination is amazing and sometimes limitless, unfortunately it can become dangerous when they begin to imagine themselves stealing cars and murdering people while playing first person role playing Videogames allow children to become kings and queens, or car thieves and murderers. Children can become so entranced by the different roles they play in the virtual worlds created for them through videogames that the line between the real world and the virtual one depicted in the video games they are playing becomes blurred. . Violent video games rewarded children for things like stealing cars and killing people.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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