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Stress is something that every person experiences during their life. It can have both negative and positive effects. Being stressed can motivate us to be more focused on our work and other times it causes us to be overwhelmed and unable to concentrate clearly. Stress can allow us to complete tasks, maintain a healthy life, and increase our emotional awareness. While some believe that stress is inimical to our health, in fact, stress can have a beneficial effect on one’s learning and memory.

Dealing With The Stress of College Adult Students
Words • 452
Pages • 2
Nontraditional students who attend institutions of higher education must understand that there are many stress factors that affect adult students. Many of these factors include, but, are not limited to work, school and their personal life. Adult students face the stress of balancing the different demands and roles at work, school and in their personal lives. In accordance with resource scarcity theory, going back to school creates another role domain that competes for limited resources: the student’s time, energy and…...
StressStress And Its Effects
Stress in college student: Causes and effects of stress
Words • 928
Pages • 4
Abstract Stress comes as a result of both internal and external pressures that exceed one’s ability to cope with their current situation. For many young people college life is one of the best parts of their life since it is an exciting time for them to explore their abilities. However, these critical years at times turn out to be years of stress, anxiety and depression. Students face various stressors such as new environments, heavy workloads and a myriad of other…...
StressStress And Its Effects
How Get Rid of Procrastination?
Words • 1096
Pages • 5
Procrastination is the habit of putting off the completion of tasks. It is a common and pervasive source of stress in contemporary society. How does procrastination cause stress? Procrastination is a stressor because it causes delays and can force people to cram at the last minute. This high-adrenaline state of cramming consequently leads to even more stress. What you will learn in this post: What are subtle forms of procrastination? What are the real reasons people procrastinate? What are proven…...
Bad HabitsHabitProcrastinationStress
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Stress: Why Does It Happen and How Can We Manage It?
Words • 939
Pages • 4
“I’m stressed out” is one of the most common phrases an average adult says at least once a day in our modern world. People are stressed all the time due to a variety of reasons. We have so many tasks to complete, distractions, decisions to make etc. that release a feeling of stress. I chose to write about this topic because Stress influences our life’s massively and has effects on our mental and physical health that we are not even…...
Challenges Of Modern LifeModern Life And StressStressStress And Its Effects
How Modern Life Affects Our Physical and Mental Health?
Words • 861
Pages • 4
Life was simpler, slower-paced and less hectic than now. Today, the modern lifestyle has changed everything. From my perspective, modern lifestyle is when one person can do everything they need at their fingertips from any part of the world. For instance, using ‘ibanking’, we can transfer funds using our mobile phones from one country to another country with the effect of immediate. Accessing the internet could be done in every part of Singapore in the name of ‘wifisg’, even at…...
LifestyleLifestyle In 21st CenturyModern Life And StressStress
9 Ways to Deal with Mental Stress
Words • 483
Pages • 2
The day is going on as much as our busyness is growing. There is no leisure time! To maintain balance over time, there will be such busyness and also accept the reality. Many of us can't easily accept it and our mental stress increases. Nothing gets done properly. So, if you have to stay mentally well, you can follow the following ways to stay stress-free. Make a to-do list At first, make a to-do list. The most important thing in…...
Modern Life And StressStressStress Management
Tips Against Exam Stress
Words • 866
Pages • 4
Below we give you a number of tips on how to deal with exam stress. These are a supplement to the general exam tips that we have prepared for all exam candidates. Make a list of all the positive things in your life. Count all the positive things in your life and the positive things you have already achieved in your life. Make a note of, for example, the sports competitions that you have won, the performances that you have…...
Examination Stress On StudentsStressStress Management
Yoga for Lowering Stress
Words • 978
Pages • 4
Yoga and You If you hear the phrase yoga, do you consider an individual together with his legs tangled up like a pretzel? In that case, it could look like yoga may be very difficult or simply for adults. Not true! Children and youths can do yoga for similar cause grown-ups do: as a result of it feels good to stretch out your physique, decelerate your respiration, and chill out your thoughts. Yoga can assist you are feeling calmer when…...
Why You Should Meditate if You Suffer Stress?
Words • 1035
Pages • 5
A few months ago, it was recommended to Laura, a young Madrilenian businesswoman, to try meditation. Meditate, me? Why? Why? He asked his doctor about his suggestion to practice mindfulness. The answers were in front of her eyes, even though she could not 'read' them at that time. She was a professional and socially successful woman, with a stable partner who was planning to become a mother someday ... But what was wrong with her life in perfect appearance? He…...
MeditationModern Life And StressStress
How to Relieve Stress Man and Woman?
Words • 1400
Pages • 6
How to Relieve Woman Stress Modern life is unfortunately designed in such a way that the ability to avoid or prevent the effects of stress is almost impossible. The influence of stress factors on individuals does not depend on their upbringing, level of culture or education. Especially the beautiful half of humanity is exposed to stress. That is why women need to know the ways and methods to relieve and apply stress. Below are ways to answer the question how…...
Modern Life And StressStressStress Management
Stress Management Techniques at Work
Words • 522
Pages • 3
Stress management techniques at work how do you manage the added workload and not get caught up in letting the daily grind suck the life right out of you here five stress management tips for work. One Drink Yes drink water that is water is the best stress busting elixir on the market aim for half of your body weight in ounces each day when you're working the corporate grind it can be easy to forget to take trips to…...
StressStress Management
Stress Management: Healthy Ways to Control Stress
Words • 783
Pages • 4
We all feel stressed at one time or another. It is a normal and healthy response to a change or a challenge. But stress that lasts more than a few weeks can affect your health. Keep the stress of getting sick by learning healthy ways to control it. Learn to Recognize Stress The first step in dealing with stress is to recognize the presence of stress in your life. Everyone feels stress differently. You may be angry or irritable, unable…...
StressStress Management
How to Better Manage Your Stress to Stay Productive?
Words • 2399
Pages • 10
Stress is the # 1 enemy of productivity. When you're stressed, it's hard to think and concentrate. We make less good decisions and we make more mistakes. To be productive, it is therefore crucial to learn how to better manage stress . So, how can you better manage your stress to stay productive? In this article, we will see together a non-exhaustive list of techniques that will help you reduce stress and stay productive on a daily basis. Keep a…...
StressStress Management
Stress in the Workplace
Words • 1136
Pages • 5
The topic I chose to write about for the final paper is job stress. Throughout the course, I have found it very interesting to learn about. Job stress can play a significant role on someone's life, but they have the ability to cope with the stress as well. I will talk about the common job stressors and the outcomes from them, certain job characteristics and the impact of them, and coping strategies, along with a model of stress. Different jobs…...
EmotionHealthPsychologyStressStress ManagementWorkplace
Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels with Expressive Writing
Words • 1496
Pages • 6
There are many factors that have been found to negatively affect memory, one of which is stress. Smith and Aronin (2016), conducted research within the student population and found that 63% experience stress from the challenges of university academic work, as well as worries about future job opportunities. A study by Kim and Diamond (2002), also demonstrates that stress can affect memory in students. This is due to the release of specific hormones which then affects students’ attention and memory…...
AnxietyBrainEmotionExpressiveMemoryNervous System
Being A Police Officer – Stressful Occupation
Words • 554
Pages • 3
Public safety officers, by the nature of their job, are required to face danger and risk their lives in the performance of their job. Police officers may be under a considerable amount of stress working the street (Daderman & Colli, 2014). They are subject to violence and aggression and often under pressure to quickly make critical decisions (Swanson, Territo, & Taylor, 2017). While dealing with the administration of a law enforcement agency may be difficult, it does not put the…...
OccupationsPolicePolice OfficerSocial IssuesStress
Tertiary stress management
Words • 1085
Pages • 5
As noted earlier, tertiary stress management intervention is concerned with the rehabilitation of individuals whose health or other aspects of well-being have suffered in ways that affect their performance in the workplace. They aim to minimize the negative consequences of stressors by helping employees cope more effectively with them. Relevant typical interventions include employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and counselling. EAPs seem to be very popular indeed. As Arthur (2000) puts it, "they are now employed as one of the main…...
HealthMental HealthPsychologyStress Management
Was Stresseman successful in Germanys Economic Problems?
Words • 815
Pages • 4
Gustav Stresseman was born in 1878 and died in 1929. In his life he played a massive role in controlling the economic problems in Germany. He became Chancellor in August 1923 and Foreign Minister in 1924. During the period 1923-1929 (when he died of a hart attack) there were huge changes in Germany's economy. Stresseman's time in these positions marked a real turning point for the economy of the failing country. There are arguments that he didn't really do much…...
EconomicsGovernmentInternational RelationsStress
Overstressed Students
Words • 1025
Pages • 5
High school students today deal with overloaded schedules, hours of homework, and heightened academic and extracurricular expectations. These demands leave students overstressed and with no time to themselves to relax or reflect. A typical day can find a student waking up at 6:30 to rush to school for a club meeting, followed by a typical school day, sports practice until 6:30, SAT prep class until 8:30, then home to eat dinner, shower, do homework, and finally fall into bed exhausted.…...
EducationHomeworkModern Life And StressStudent
Organisational stress
Words • 1293
Pages • 6
The purpose of this was to determine what types of stressors affect students stress levels so these could be incorporated into the questionnaire in a question. The next step was to consider what ways in which students might deal with stress. These included; denial, crying, drinking, becoming aggressive and not mixing with other people. It was then necessary to decide upon some open format and closed format questions. This was done in note form at first so that the primary…...
Gap YearGenderPsychologyStress
Managing Change And Stress
Words • 1946
Pages • 8
No matter what is the reason and purpose, change will automatically result to resistance: either initially or continually. Because how every individual is shaped by his inherent, personal history; by the recurring circumstances of his life; by the circumstances in his job; by the recurrence of changes – resistance is a natural reaction. The reasons for resistance to change are: “1) The risk of change is seen as greater than the risk of standing still. 2) People feel connected to…...
ChangeEmploymentStressWorld Wide Web
Enjoy Stress Free Holidays with Annual Holiday Travel Insurance
Words • 456
Pages • 2
Do you normally take several holidays abroad annually? Are you and your family always concerned over safety while in foreign lands? Are you afraid that you may miss some of your already paid non refundable holidays? Worry no more; now there is the annual holiday insurance cover that will secure you against any misfortunes that may interfere with your holidays. Once you have booked and paid for everything including air tickets, accommodation and the like, the next thing you owe…...
Annual Day Celebration In SchoolHolidaysInsuranceStress
Caregiver Stress
Words • 599
Pages • 3
The United States has a significant and growing crisis with caregiver stress. There are about 1. 4 million older Americans living in nursing homes, 6 million receiving care at home, and a significant number going without any help at all (International Longevity Center, 2009). The current demand for caregiving services is going to worsen considerably with the aging of baby boomers and the United States has no caregiving system in place, which means that the caregiving crisis is receiving less…...
Business Travel Stress
Words • 740
Pages • 3
Business travel stress is something that one in every four business travelers in the United States experiences (Jacob, 2002). The predominant causes of such stress include spending time away from their family and worrying about work piling up at the office. Whereas stress symptoms such as substance abuse traditionally were viewed as personal problems, organizations increasingly take on some responsibilities for stress reduction due to business travel. Preparing the traveler properly fir business travel can significantly reduce opportunities for stress.…...
Academic Goals to Achieve at UPOX
Words • 632
Pages • 3
A successful company has good strategies and its mode of marketing. I believe the way we achieve our academic goals is similar as the way a company runs. We have strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats; a system for examining the way a company runs or the way someone works, to see what the good and bad points are. I usually exercise the modes of marketing of a company to my life and study. My ideas are come from those successful…...
Academic Interests And GoalsGoalsStress ManagementTeam
Stress and Health
Words • 379
Pages • 2
Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires a modification or response. The body reacts to these movements with physical, mental, and enthusiastic responses. You can experience stress from your condition, your body, and your insights. The human body is proposed to experience weight and react to it. Stress can be sure, keeping us alert, moved, and arranged to avoid danger. Stress becomes pessimistic when an individual countenances nonstop difficulties without alleviation or unwinding between stressors. Stress that…...
Stress, Depression and Anxiety in Women
Words • 368
Pages • 2
The present study demonstrates average levels of stress, depression and anxiety in both parous and nulliparous women which clearly indicates that the role of children does not affect the mental health of women. The stereotype belief prevailing in Indian society of having children in a family is a compulsion has been gradually decreasing. As people are accepting the new methods like surrogacy, IVF treatment and adoption. These new medical methods can be the solution for nulliparous women to experience the…...
AnxietyDepression DisorderMental HealthStressSurrogacyWomen
Stress in a nutshell
Words • 2129
Pages • 9
We have all had days where something goes wrong. Your day might start off with spilling coffee all over yourself. Driving to work, you get a speeding ticket. The birth of a child or a wedding. We all experience stress, to some degree, in our daily life. From work, to busy schedules, from important relationships to our goals and dreams, we have competing priorities and it's a lot to keep on top of. But while a limited amount of stress…...
EmotionHealthPsychologyStressStress Management
Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of rake angle on residual Stress
Words • 970
Pages • 4
Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of rake angle on residual Stress, Strain and Temperature in Orthogonal Cutting Process Abstract - The service life of the parts produced by machining and, in particular as regards its fatigue life are not only related to the surface condition of the part, but also to the residual stress profile induced during machining, which was influenced by the geometrical conditions of the cutting tool. For this reason a 2D finite element simulation of orthogonal…...
ChemistryMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsStressStress And Its Effects
Words • 781
Pages • 4
STRESSIn this world,stress happenened in everyone's common life,such as study life,work life and emotional life.You can't aviod it,when you get stress you should face it and find some ways to overcome it,then you will fell better after overcome it!so with all that said,what is stress that we definition it? Stress is the definition of mental and physical fields. The physical definition has objective properties, which refers to the force acting vertically on the unit area of the fluid or solid…...
How my friend reacts to stress?
Words • 775
Pages • 4
My friend Peter Johnson is a 35 years old African American male living alone in the province of St Peters. He has always been an independent iron-will man going after what he wants in life, as a result of his strong will he has managed to accomplish so many things. Today he is the owner of a very successful Air conditioning company. His ambition and determination has afforded him the opportunity of traveling extensively, owning a luxurious home, and having…...
EmotionFriendHealthMental HealthPsychologyStress
Monitor Emotional Wellbeing and Stress
Words • 1219
Pages • 5
Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes describe the abilities, knowledge and expertise needed to monitor and assist employees. This involves the implementation of assistance procedures to cope with stress and psychological/emotional well-being of self or fellow employees working in a variety of wellness and community service circumstances. It also entails supporting organized debriefing sessions for peers after events with prospective health and well-being effects CITATION Asp15 l 2057 (Aspire Training & Consulting, 2015). This unit relates to organizational or leadership…...
EmotionHealthMental HealthPsychologyStress
Guevarra and Cimanes 2017 indicated that there are different
Words • 759
Pages • 4
Guevarra and Cimanes (2017) indicated that there are different stress coping mechanisms when it comes to senior high school students that are majority aged at 17-18 years old, The different mechanisms wherein they cope with stress include the factors of instrumental social support, social isolation, emotional social support, planning and active coping but among the fivecoping mechanisms, "planning" was the most favored by the Technical-Vocational students from the Pastry and Bread strand; thus it also bears the highest impact when…...
EmotionHealthPsychologyStress Management
Study habits and academic stress level
Words • 1776
Pages • 8
This chapter presents relevant discussion of the relationship between study habits and academic stress level of the students. It will talk about the common factors that affects the academic performance of the the students. However in this chapter the researcher will discuss the primary habits of a students and how its affect their academic stress level. Study habits Study habits is a well planned and deliberate pattern of study, which has attained a form of consistency on the part of…...
Practice paper 1 Naomi Williams Abstract Stress is a
Words • 1662
Pages • 7
Practice paper #1Naomi WilliamsAbstractStress is a negative emotional experience characterized by cognitive and behavioural changes to change the effect and how the stressor is handled. According to Sarafino (as cited by UWI Unit 1 Understanding Stress, p. 5), "stress is the condition that results when a person-environment transactions lead the individual to perceive a discrepancy-whether real or imagined-between the demands of the situation and the resources of the person's biological, psychological or social systems".Stress management can also be seen as…...
AnxietyEmotionHealthMental HealthPsychologyStress
Thermal and Stress Analysis of a Drum Brake
Words • 1564
Pages • 7
Thermal and stress analysis of a drum brake by using alloy different materials Abstract The Drum brake is a contraption for directing or stopping the rotate of a wheel. A brake Drum (or rotor), by and large made of cast iron or imaginative composites (checking carbon, Kevlar and silica), is related with the deal/the rotate. To stop the wheel, contact material as brake pads (mounted on a contraption called a brake caliper) is obliged absolutely, utilizing pressurized water, pneumatically or…...
Mechanical EngineeringStressVehicles
The International Stress Management Association conducted a
Words • 492
Pages • 2
The International Stress Management Association conducted a study which conveyed that for Londoners, the journey to work is the most stressful daily activity, exceeding the stress of being at work. What I believe makes a project great is it's potential to have a significant impact on individuals as well the wider community, to not only support the economic and environmental growth of a city but to also improve the daily lives of residents. The new 60 mile Elizabeth line set…...
PolicyStress ManagementSustainability
My View on Stress Management
Words • 1102
Pages • 5
Steve Maraboli once said, I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear. It was when I was at a young age when I began to realize my stress. I was a competitive cheerleader, that was all I would do. I always had to be perfect and give everyone my all or we, as a team could not succeeded. On top of being…...
HealthHuman NatureStress Management
Stress at Work And Its Management
Words • 1393
Pages • 6
ORIGIN Dr. Hans Selye is Founder of Stress Theory and was the first person to coin the term STRESS'. WHAT IS STRESS It is a dynamic condition in which an individual encounters with an opportunity, demand, or resource related to what the individual desires and for which the outcome is observed to be both uncertain and important.' OPPORTUNITY The Stress when seems good and positive is recognized as an opportunity also known as Eustress. In contrast when it is taken…...
Human NatureLeadershipPsychologyStress ManagementWork
Influence of Yogic Techniques on Stress Management
Words • 2991
Pages • 12
What is Stress ? When stress was first studied in the 1950s, the term was used to denote both the causes and the experienced effects of these pressures. More recently, however, the word stressor has been used for the stimulus that provokes a stress response. One recurrent disagreement among researchers concerns the definition of stress in humans. Is it primarily an external response that can be measured by changes in glandular secretions, skin reactions, and other physical functions, or is…...
Human NatureInfluencePsychologyRiskStress Management
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Benefits of Stress

There are several benefits of stress that can improve the way we live. Managing your stress is important for you to be more concentrated while you’re accomplishing your goals. Stress that is often felt before a school presentation or test is known as short-term stress. This is beneficial because it can motivate you to do your best. However, long-term stress may cause you to feel more anxious and affect your ability to be successful. For example, stress allows you to overcome challenges and gives you the ambition to reach your goals (text 1, paragraph 2). It allows us to realize our weaknesses and work harder to complete an important assignment for school, meeting deadlines at work, or family life. Also, “Dealing successfully with troubling stressful situations, makes you smarter”, say researchers at Rockefeller University (text 2, paragraph 5). 

This means that dealing with stress can make the human brain stronger with improved cognitive function. Additionally, stress helps to activate memory, as well as long-dormant unrelated memories (text 2, paragraph 15). People who stress experience increased memory activity in the brain which is a successful strategy to help a person remember long-term memories. Some people think that being stressed-out can make you very overwhelmed and unable to concentrate (text 1, paragraph 1). However, stress can motivate you to work harder and to focus more on what is important (text 1, paragraph 1). Learning stress management skills and keeping a balanced lifestyle can help us accomplish our ultimate goals.

Dealing With Stress

When dealing with stress, our health is very important to consider. Often, stress can affect a person’s physical and mental health, interfering with the human system. Stress also strengthens our mind and body while also maintaining a balance in our lives. Some stress is conducive to physical and emotional growth. For example, “Studies suggest that it strengthens the immune system, makes vaccinations more effective, and may even protect against certain types of cancer” (text 3, paragraph 3). This means that even a little stress can help fight off sickness and protect our bodies from harmful diseases. Also, stress produces an increase in blood pressure and heart rate to react to stressful situations (text 1, paragraph 3). This is known as the “fight or flight” response, which acts as our bodies’ natural alarm system, creating a warning when we are in danger. Additionally, “Enhanced “production of neurotransmitters” in the prefrontal cortex” is among positive consequences (text 2, paragraph 6). This means that our brains can determine the good and bad stressors in our everyday lives. Some people think stress “can set off dangerous inflammation in the body, increasing your risk for heart disease, obesity, and breast cancer” (text 3, paragraph 1). However, studies show that small doses of stress are healthy and can set off protective chemicals in the body (text 3, paragraph 1). Reducing your stress levels can not only make you feel better but may also protect your long-term health. With this in mind, we can learn how to cope with stress to stay happy and healthy. When these skills are set, our thoughts become clearer, moods are balanced, relationships improve, and the risk of illness decreases.

Emotional Changes 

Our stress response can be caused by emotional changes such as anxiety, depression, or anger. Emotional stress can make it difficult to focus or make decisions, but there are benefits to understanding your stress to help maintain motivation every day. For example, people that stress makes fewer cognitive errors than those who don’t stress (text 2, paragraph 10). This means that stress can greatly impact memories and cognitive function. Stress also limits inaccurate thinking and decreases negative thought patterns. Also, stress can cause beneficial effects on learning and memory (text 2, paragraph 9). This means that stress causes neurotransmitters to communicate with the hormone, cortisol that helps to enhance knowledge and memory. Additionally, with stress your senses cause you to focus more clearly so you can avoid stressful situations (text 1, paragraph 3). This means, when our brain perceives a combination of stress, we can react quickly to threatening situations. Some people think that stress can cause us to lose touch with our emotions and interactions with other people (text 4, paragraph 5). However, relieving stress through exercise or meditation are just a few ways to reduce stress in our lives (text 4, paragraph 8). The ability to identify and understand our stress is through emotional intelligence. Many people are unaware of their emotions and this makes it difficult to manage stress.

Emotional Awareness and Importance of Stress 

While some believe that stress is harmful to our health, in fact, stress can have benefits on a person’s knowledge and well-being. Stress can be beneficial in our lives, because it can help us be determined to accomplish tasks, better our health, and increase our emotional awareness. Stress hormones increase our alertness to stay on task and battle sickness. It also can maintain a strong balance of emotion. This is important for life and in society as a whole because we can use stress as a survival instinct. It allows us to recognize our stressors and use increased energy as an advantage.   


FAQ about Stress

How Get Rid of Procrastination?
...Essential Tip #3: Plan Ahead Are you worried or anxious about the outcome or your task? You can erase uneasiness and any doubts with this tried & true strategy: Create an Action Plan. Consider preparing your Action Plan on paper rather than on a ...
Stress: Why Does It Happen and How Can We Manage It?
...Throughout this paper, I decided to focus on the reasons why some people are more affected by stress than others because that is something I always wondered about. Why I choose to write about stress is because it is and even becoming a bigger problem...
How Modern Life Affects Our Physical and Mental Health?
...Another disadvantage that affects people’s health in the modern lifestyle is a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is defined as where an individual does not get the appropriate amount of physical activity. Therefore, living a sedentary life...
Why You Should Meditate if You Suffer Stress?
...We must be aware that in order to lead a healthy life, we must also nourish ourselves and activate ourselves appropriately by doing things that contribute to our overall well-being. Tools such as the Feel app - which you can download here - can be gr...
How to Relieve Stress Man and Woman?
...The last way, which most men will certainly love, will help relieve stress in 15 minutes, it consists of moderate use of dark beer. Many scientists believe that moderate intake of dark beer helps to overcome stress and improve metabolism in the male ...
How to Better Manage Your Stress to Stay Productive?
...All foods are not equal. So choose a soothing food for your nervous system. It is especially the minerals in foods that help manage stress. In fact, magnesium is certainly the one that has the most positive effects to fight against stress. Do not hes...
How my friend reacts to stress?
...After a few sessions with his therapist peter began to cope much better when he becomes stress. He starts communicating with his girlfriend in more respectful manner. He overcame his fear of not being able to get his own child and as a result he addr...

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