Negative Effects of Stress in our World

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Stress is your mind and body’s response or reaction to a real or imagined threat, event or change. As life progresses, people become more and more busy with worries in their daily lives. Many people have suffered stress which causes both physical and mental disorders that endanger health. There is no denying the fact that stress negatively impacts the different, from the human body, the mood to their behavior

First of all, stress affects the human body. As Jennifer Robinson (2017) states, trouble can prompt physical manifestations on the body including cerebral pains, annoyed stomach, raised pulse, chest agony, and issues dozing.

Research also proposes that pressure additionally can expedite or exacerbate certain indications or ailments. The constant tension in life can lead to undesirable health problems with industrial rhythms; as a result, with 43% of adults experiencing stress, resulting in unhealthy effects. Stress is a leading cause of cardiovascular health problems and weakened immune systems. Stress causes your body to transmit hormones that cause fatigue.

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If tension lasts, increased blood pressure and unstable heart rate put pressure on the arteries and cause them to freeze and potentially lead to heart disease. When the body is constantly stressed, the barrier to disease of the body gradually breaks down; as a consequence, when your stress levels are prolonged, and your immune system slows down. Stress is also a cause of insomnia in humans. When we stress, it is very difficult to keep our mind calm and to sleep as usual. Insomnia, when there is anxiety, is not unusual.

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But chronic insomnia - defined as insomnia more than 3 times a week and lasting more than a month - can make us feel fatigued, irritated and even more stressed. Hence, stress severely affects the human body.

Secondly, stress affects people's mood. According to J Pers (1989), in pooled inside individual investigations, every day stretch binds disclosed up to 20% of the change in the disposition. Stress is like triggers leading to mental disorders, some diseases such as anxiety, depression ... Tension too long will make the body tired of resistance, causing the imbalance in life. Therefore, their moods will be altered day by day. They are always in a state of irritability, or sad, anxious about the people around them. Long-lasting stress leads to people becoming sensitive to the problems around them. Feeling anxiety or fear lasts for a long time; Make people worry too much about upcoming situations; lead to avoid; And making people having difficulty coping with everyday situations They always think negatively about issues in society and those around them include family, relatives, and friends. on the other hand, stress is the reason why people easily get distracted. "Stress" directly affects the cognitive neuroscience, which is responsible for thinking faster, faster. So that, stress seriously affects one's mood.

Last but not least, stress is the cause of the negative human behavior. “Effects of stress throughout the lifespan on the brain, behavior and cognition.” (Sonia J. Lupien,2009). Stress is the cause of uncontrolled weight. Some people eat too much to ease their stress, but food actually makes their health worse than helping them fill their moods. In like manner, stress also leads to depression in people. When depressed for too long or often, people will gradually become alienated with the people around. They just want to stay home or stay in their room because they do not want to meet anyone or face problems in life. When stress causes fear; consequently, leading to behaviors they have never done before such as grinding teeth or nail biting. On the other hand, stress also leads to the use of alcohol or other stimulants more often. They think that these substances can help them reduce stress or happy. But research shows that after using stimulants, their moods will become increasingly worse. Thus, stress affects human behavior.

To summarize, stress affects negatively on psychology and human health. The effect of stress may not be evident in some people as it is in others but it is due to the severity of the stress. High stress causes the personality of a person to change when a person is stressed. There is no repudiating the detail that stress effects harmfully ranging from people’s body, mood to their behavior.

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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