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Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose in To Kill a Mockingbird
Words • 690
Pages • 3
Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose is brought forth as a wearing old-fashioned woman when the reader first gets an idea of her and her actions. However, as the novel proceeds the reader begins to peel her layers and learn that though she may have a fiery attitude, Mrs. Dubose is fighting and suffering to be a burden to nobody but is still, in the essence of her intolerance, keeping a hold on to white tradition. Turning the reader's viewpoint of Mrs.…...
CharacterCharacter TraitsTo Kill A MockingbirdTo Kill A Mockingbird Courage
Mrs. Dubose Personality in To Kill A Mockingbird
Words • 785
Pages • 4
In the story To Kill a Mockingbird Mrs. Dubose is portrayed as a mean and devilish woman, but would she still be that way if it were not for her addiction? Her personality fits so well in the theme on Harper Lee’s book To Kill a Mockingbird that the purpose for her character is hard to question. She is shown as a terrifying person when Lee describes how she looks. Scout describes that her face was “like the color of…...
CharacterCharacter TraitsTo Kill A Mockingbird
The Development of John Grady Cole in All the Pretty Horses
Words • 951
Pages • 4
In Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses, he uses blood as a unifying concept. John Grady Cole’s devotion is compensated in blood. The brutal image of blood and violence is morbidly displayed throughout the whole novel. It is an important symbol and a repetitive element because it symbolizes the cost John Grady pays for everything he loves. It also represents the world around him and helps to define the attractiveness it has, despite the difference in violence and delicacy. There…...
All the Pretty HorsesCharacterCharacter Traits
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Antigone Character Traits and Analysis
Words • 496
Pages • 2
Antigone braves through all her hardships and decisions together with her morals and set of values. She died with pride and she had no regret what so ever in what she did. Antigone is clearly a tragic heroine, and she believes that family is vital and that they come first. She is willing to surrender her shiny future and her existence and disobey the edict of her uncle and bury her deceased brother. As a young woman, with a whole…...
AntigoneCharacter TraitsPhilosophy
John Proctor: Character Traits & Analysis
Words • 893
Pages • 4
Analysis of the construction of the play In the play “The Crucible”, all the characters play crucial roles to carry the story forward. In this regard, the characters of Parris, Proctor, Danforth and Abigail form the crucial parts and the perspectives of these characters can be analyzed to understand the real characteristics of them. In this study, the perspectives of John Proctor will be analyzed in the context of the study. Audiences have perceived this character as a negative one…...
Character TraitsPsychologyThe CrucibleThe Crucible About John Proctor
Character Traits of Bob in A Christmas Carol
Words • 1273
Pages • 6
Scrooge is very scared by this. The next and final thing that the ghost shows Scrooge.... Is his own grave. It's cold and deserted, with no signs of anyone visiting him. This makes him fully determined to change his ways. Each ghost gives Scrooge many worries to ponder over, his childhood, his present life, how he treats people, his death amongst other things. All of these contribute to his lifestyle change. He wants people to see him as a different…...
A Christmas CarolCharacter TraitsCharles Dickens
Character Traits of Queen Gertrude
Words • 924
Pages • 4
How do you see the presentation of Queen Gertrude in the play? Throughout Hamlet Gertrude can be perceived by the audience in a number of ways with at times it being possible to accept her remarriage to Claudius when at others she appears to be an incestuous traitor. One argument suggests that the queens lawful remarriage to the new king Claudius. One reason for this could be the fact that for modern audiences examining the relationship between Gertrude and Claudius…...
Character TraitsHamlet
How Literature Displays Positive Character Trait Through Characters?
Words • 491
Pages • 2
Traits Through Its Characters It is known that a piece of writing can do more than tell a story, but can also portray indirect ideas to the reader. A narrative piece is able to show positive traits, presented through its characters. Literature can display a variety of positive attributes, through different characters, and situations. This is demonstrated in the story, “The Blue Bead,” through Sibia’s acts of selflessness, and again in the text “Long, Long, After School,” through Miss Tretheway’s…...
Character TraitsLiterature
Dickens’ Portrayal of Scrooge in Stave 1 with Scrooge in Stave 5
Words • 924
Pages • 4
Comment on the effects of Dickens' choice of language and form. Explain and discuss how these two sides of Scrooge reflect the society of the time and the treatment of the poor. In the book 'A Christmas Carol', by Charles Dickens, there is a stark contrast between Scrooge, the main character, in Stave 1 to the Scrooge he becomes in Stave 5. However, this change is not the only one, there is also a change in how Dickens uses his…...
Book ReviewCharacterCharacter TraitsChristmasCultureHistory
Character Traits of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
Words • 701
Pages • 3
To compare and contrast Don Quixote and Sancho Panza you must read the novel from start to finish to be able to see a clear image of the two companions. In the beginning, Quixote was a simple but a wealthy, intelligent farmer who read too many books about knights and possibly went crazy. He commenced out on his first adventure, only to be informed by the innkeeper he needed a squire, hence, appears his faithful companion Panza. The Adventures of…...
Character TraitsDon Quixote
How Much Land Does a Man Need’ Outcome?
Words • 873
Pages • 4
The main character of "How Much Land Does A man Need?” is a clear example of an insatiable desire for possessions and wealth which at the end destroys the person. Pahom was living a life "free from anxiety" as his wife said and "without time to let any nonsense settle in his head" according to Pahom's words. As the story develops it reveals Pahom's real problem was inside him because he was never content or please with the land and…...
CharacterCharacter TraitsCinemaDesireFilmGreed
To What Extent Does Williams Portray Stanley as the Cause for Blanche’s Downfall?
Words • 1556
Pages • 7
A Street Car Named Desire is a play written by a Mississippi born writer called Tennessee Williams. A Street Car Named Desire shows a reversal of fortune with Blanche having a life full of fortune with a successful business and a happy marriage however it is all turned upside when all this fortune is removed out of her life resulting in her seeking refuge with a lower class family her sister got married into... this fits in with Aristotle’s theory…...
A Streetcar Named DesireCharacterCharacter TraitsPlays
Good Character Traits of Baucis and Philemon
Words • 479
Pages • 2
In the Greek myth Baucis and Philemon the main characters are a poor old couple, Baucis and Philemon. Baucis and Philemon lived in a little cottage where they grew their own fruit and vegetables. This elderly couple invites two strangers in and feed them a superb meal. Baucis and Philemon offered to kill their only goose for their guests, but their guests said to let it be. Throughout the story they realize their guests are the Greek gods, Zeus and…...
Character Traits
Good and Bad Traits
Words • 704
Pages • 3
People have different set of personalities which makes each and every one of us unique. Set of characters that reflect our way of living and our way of thinking. Any one who is interested to get to know me, would probably see me as a responsible, fair minded and jealous person. How I became like this might have been rooted from my experiences with my family, friends, teachers in school and even the society that I belong to. Responsibility. The…...
Character TraitsHuman NaturePsychologySibling
Character Traits of Shakespeare’s Gertrude and Ophelia
Words • 1584
Pages • 7
Shakespeare's characterization of Gertrude and Ophelia in Hamlet is paradoxical as it challenges as well as complements the contemporary social traditions and norms. Gertrude is the best example of this paradox that is manifested through her extraordinary supremacy over all the major characters of Hamlet, her influence in the court matters and state affairs and her blind obedience to Claudius. Ophelia is also active in her domestic domain but her interest are restricted to amorous and matrimonial maters only and…...
Character TraitsShakespeare
Creon Character Traits
Words • 1232
Pages • 5
I strongly agree that Creon wasn't right to punish Antigone for breaking the law. Antigone decided to give her brother a proper barrier when Creon [the king of Thebes] announced to the city that no citizen is allowed to mourn or bury Polynices [Antigone’s brother] if due so the punishment is death. Antigone knew the consequences that could happen if she buried her brother but she still decided to break the law, to go against the king’s orders. I believe…...
AntigoneCharacter TraitsGreek mythology
Two Minue Drill by Mike Lupica
Words • 1592
Pages • 7
"hello, this is jakob gonzalez. Today i will comment on Two Minue Drill by Mike Lupica. my focua will be to analyze the way the universal theme of dreaming represents Mike Lupica's view of life as nobody is perfect.The view of life is established by Mike Lupica's effective use of conflict resoltion, and character development. Pior to my analysis i will provide you an overview of my text. I will now summarize the main literary features of the novel Two…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterCharacter TraitsConflictDevelopment
Character Traits of Frair Lawerance
Words • 375
Pages • 2
In the play Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence is one of the characters with an incredible character. Friar Lawrence character is shown as trustworthy, friendly, and an useful man. The first characteristic of Friar Lawrence's character is him being honest and trustworthy. When talking with Romeo Friar Lawrence states "But come, young waverer, come, go with me. In one respect I'll thy assistant be" (A.2.3.96-97). By informing this to Romeo Friar Lawrence is informing him that he can be trusted…...
Character Traits
Cask of Amontialldo – Character Traits
Words • 298
Pages • 2
The character of Montresor in, “The Cask of Amontillado” is one who can only be defined with words along the lines of evil, or wicked. He vows to avenge the bold and childish Fortunato, whom Montresor swears did him wrong. Montresor could be described with many bold words, one being guilty. Though he is guilty, he is determined not to get caught. For instance, Montresor declares, “I must not only punish, but punish with impunity” (Poe, 1). Essentially, he is…...
Character TraitsThe Cask Of Amontillado
Character Traits of Dante the Pilgrim
Words • 1615
Pages • 7
Dante the pilgrim of the Inferno finds himself in a path he did not knew. He has lost his way towards the “true path” (“SparkNotes”). Dante is now in a place of darkness and fear. As he sees light over a hill, he climbs towards it. He then meets Virgil who invites him to join the poets. Dante is flabbergasted but at the same time is apprehensive in taking on the journey. Virgil’s invitation was to join a group of…...
Character TraitsCircleDanteSinners
Shylock’s Character Traits in the Dialogue
Words • 723
Pages • 3
What judgment shall I dread, doing no wrong? You have among you many a purchased slave, Which, like your asses and your dogs and mules, You use in abject and in slavish parts, Because you bought them: shall I say to you, Let them be free, marry them to your heirs? Why sweat they under burthens? let their beds Be made as soft as yours and let their palates Be season'd with such viands? You will answer 'The slaves are…...
Character TraitsSlavery
Miss Brill by Chacter Sketch
Words • 636
Pages • 3
Katherine Mansfield illustrates in the story the protagonist Miss Brill as a middle aged women with no family that believes she has a social life, which consists of watching other people interact with each other. Mansfield parallels Miss Brill with the fur she keeps wrapped up in a box until Sunday. She demonstrates a dynamic character that receives a reality check from the "real" world where she belongs rather than in a chimerical world she made up. Mansfield creates a…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingCharacterCharacter TraitsLifeLifestyle
What Kind of Man is Tom Robinson?
Words • 513
Pages • 3
Tom is a generous, hard-working, and polite black man in Maycomb. Tom Robinson could be perceived as scary, intimidating, or anything of the likes if you didn't know him as a person because of his motionless left hand or how he was a black male with muscles and because Tom Robinson was perceived as a scary man many people didn't get to know him for who he really was, a hard-working, polite, and generous person. Tom's personality could be described…...
Character TraitsHard WorkLiteratureNovelsTo Kill A Mockingbird
Santiago as a Jesus Chirst Figure
Words • 603
Pages • 3
Throughout the world, lots of think of Jesus Christ as the sign of pureness, love, and all things excellent. Although it is difficult for any being, reality or? ction, to become as 'perfect' as Jesus Christ himself, there are characters that can be considered 'Christ like' or look like particular qualities of the Messiah. Ernest Hemingway's character, the Old Male Santiago from The Old Man and the Sea is a Christ like character because of the way the young boy…...
CharacterCharacter TraitsChristianityChronicle of a Death ForetoldJesus ChristNovels
Similarities of Odysseus and Theseus Character Traits
Words • 1062
Pages • 5
In The Odyssey, the act of heroism and storytelling plays a significant role in portraying the story of Odysseus. According to the standards of the Greek society, The Odyssey depicts a different aspect of a hero in which an older, more established man already starts off as a hero, but must regain his dignity after falling into a crevice of turbulent times . When pieced together, each aspect that is told becomes part of a whole however, each with a…...
Character TraitsHerculesOdyssey
Character Traits of Lord Capulet
Words • 2155
Pages • 9
The tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was first produced around 1595, since when it has been one of William Shakespeare’s most popular plays. Taking place in Verona, Italy, it is set against the background of a constant feud between two rival families, the Capulets and the Montagues. At a party at the Capulet’s house, one of the Montagues, a young man called Romeo, falls in love at first sight with Juliet, Lord Capulet’s only child. She returns his love and they…...
Character Traits
Stench of Kerosene by Amrita Pritam
Words • 1399
Pages • 6
Actions Guleri is the Wife of Manak, she is in love with Manak, and they been married over 7 years, she is unable too have children with Manak, and this leads too a consequence of Guleri´s suicide, The reasons for her actions are that, she feels shes not fulfilling the duty of a wife. In terms of expanding the family three. Guleri makes a choice by committing suicide, when she finds out that Manak was forced too find a different…...
CharacterCharacter TraitsFluteMarriageShort Story
Reconstructed Portrait of Juan Dela Cruz
Words • 426
Pages • 2
Reflection: This kind of article is somewhat made to be funny upon criticism although some of his statements are true but need adequate citation of example. The author’s points are thoughts of a typical charlatan English 101 passer that wants to show off his talent in composition of proses like this one. Nevertheless, I will give my comments on the statement given by him. First, the author’s claim of Filipinos’ uniqueness when it comes to humor didn’t work. The statement…...
Book ReviewCharacter TraitsEducationLanguage
John Keats “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer”
Words • 1774
Pages • 8
“On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer” by John Keats is a poem widely recognised by critics as a pivotal moment in his development as a poet; this work is evidence of his complete mastery of the sonnet form (of which he wrote 64 in total). This poem was a key evolutionary process which would help him construct the development of his own poetic legacy: the Great Odes. Keats was enthralled by the sonnet form because it presented a challenge: to…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingCharacterCharacter TraitsJoy Of Reading BooksLiterature
Cosi by Louis Nowra Dramatic Elements Analysis
Words • 936
Pages • 4
La Boit Theatre’s showcase of Cosi written by Louis Nowra and directed by David Berthold is an emotional play, talking of Love and fidelity. Self’s perception of other people; whether or not love is a strong enough reason to trust one another. Two excerpts centred on different themes will be analysed. This analysis will bring to light certain dramatic elements and viewpoints of time, body and space that Berthold has used to enhance the dramatic meaning of this production. Cosi…...
Body LanguageCharacterCharacter TraitsLovePlaysTheatre
Character Traits of Duffy’s and Dickens’ Miss Havisham
Words • 926
Pages • 4
‘Miss Havisham’ is a bitter and twisted character from the novel ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. Carol Ann Duffy takes this character and explores her tragic life in the poem ‘Havisham’. Duffy uses Dark themes, structure, symbolism and other poetic techniques to express Havisham’s hatred for men after her tragic wedding when she was rejected by her fiancé. Duffy’s use of these poetic techniques create a sinister character and makes Havisham feel real to the reader. To begin the poem…...
Character Traits
Montana By Larry Watson
Words • 665
Pages • 3
In the novel Montana 1948 we learn of a character named Wes. Throughout the story we are given detailed information about Wes' personality. Wes is neither a strong nor weak man. As many people, he has certain aspects of his character that portray weakness, and other aspects that portray strength. There are not many people if any that could be described as either strong in every aspect, or weak in every aspect. After all each individual is different and it…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterCharacter TraitsLinguisticsLiteracy
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How Literature Displays Positive Character Trait Through Characters?
...Through the acts of kind- heartedness displayed through the story, “Long, Long, After School” shows that literature shows positive attributes through its characters. A piece of writing can portray positive traits through its developed characters....
How Much Land Does a Man Need’ Outcome?
...Just as Pahom was going to ask, "Have you been here long?" he saw that it was not the dealer, but the peasant who had come up from the Volga, long ago, to Pahom's old home. Then he saw that it was not the peasant either, but the Devil himself with ho...
To What Extent Does Williams Portray Stanley as the Cause for Blanche’s Downfall?
...Blanche could have avoided a downfall if she stayed head strong and been able to control her sexual desires for younger men. She used her beauty to get what she wanted but this beauty began to fade leaving her with a broken weapon set. Williams showe...
What Kind of Man is Tom Robinson?
...Despite Tom having a good personality and behaviour traits, his appearance throws many people off because he can be envisioned as scary because of the fact he's a large black man with muscles from everyday labor and a disabled right arm that doesn't ...

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